You feel energised, you exercise, sleep and eat well.
You are surrounded by people that support you and accept you.
You feel deep excitement to try new things you have never done before.
You feel strong, productive and without any limitations.
Simple things start to amaze you.
You become more authentic.
You trust yourself.


The Rosemary Project

The Rosemary project is based on the question “How can we live most optimally?”

We believe that we could all live a better way of life; one that is more meaningful, healthy and enjoyable. This simple idea created The Rosemary Project, which is a way of helping people find their way to an optimal way of life through the wisdom of experience and collective knowledge of people from different cultures, philosophies and beliefs all around the world.

Rosemary is a way of life that calls for change in the existing perception. Our aim is to upgrade the quality of life in the physical, mental, emotional and social spheres, take full responsibility for our life, expand our consciousness and knowledge, create positive habits, reconnect to our genuine nature and help others. Together we can improve our personal life and those around us in order to create a better personal and global culture.




The Rosemary Way of Life

An optimal lifestyle includes everything that makes you feel inspired, energised and fulfilled, and has minimal negative impact on our environment and others.

“Rosemary’s way of life is living healthy, aligned with your values, connected with Nature, with full expression, loving and caring for other people and continuously striving for personal growth.”

We believe the optimal way to live is with a conscious balance.

There are no rules about what you must do to live happily and healthily, that’s what we’re here to explore. From what we’ve experienced and learnt from others, we’ve pieced together three main human attributes, which you can discover and balance in your own unique way…

Também Falamos Português

Venha e conhecer o Rosemary Project, na Barra da Lagoa. Somos um comunidade internacional, bilingue e social!

Temos eventos, jantares e retiros em Português e Inglês, e diversas atividades acontecendo semanalmente.

Inscreva-se na nossa lista de emails em português para receber nosso calendário mensal de atividades!

Rosemary Community

“You won’t find anything like this anywhere else, where you can challenge yourself and grow and in the same time feel completely at home. One of the best human experiences I’ve ever had. Thanks to each and everyone who crossed my life there

Rosemary Guest

“Be careful because if you come here you are going to end up staying longer than you planned. The location is an actual dream, the food is incredible and the people you meet here will change your life” 

Duke University Student
21 years old

I can not think of a better place to pursue college experience than Rosemary. Because although everyone is coming from and heading to a different place, the people who gather there have one thing in common: they are crazily motivated to grow, to become a better version of themselves and to create a better version of this world.

Rosemary Guest

“After having spent one beautiful and exciting month in Rosemary with adorable people and a social environment which is unique I believe spending time in Rosemary is definitely of a great way to develop your character in many ways.”

Our Community

We’re simply a group of people who are seeking the same thing – testing our limits, living with joy and full expression. Pushing each other to do more to create a better personal and global culture, whilst supporting each other in our exploration of life.

Together we can do more, together is more fun!

Will you dare to live your dreams?

Here in Rosemary we are constantly striving for personal growth and to find our optimal way of life.


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