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We believe that we could all live a better way of life, one that is more meaningful, healthy and enjoyable. This simple idea created Rosemary Dream; helping people find their optimal way of life through the wisdom and collective knowledge of people from different cultures, philosophies and beliefs all around the world. 

Rosemary is a way of life that calls for change in the existing perception. Our aim is to take full responsibility for our life, expand our consciousness and knowledge, reconnect to our genuine nature and help others. Together we can improve our personal life and those around us in order to create a better personal and global culture.

“Rosemary’s way of life is living healthy, aligned with your values, connected with Nature, with full expression, loving and caring for other people and continuously striving for personal growth.”

Rosemary Dream is an experience to be lived to the full. Our community provides you with a diverse selection of workshops and activities, nutritious meals for optimal health, holistic therapies and the chance to share local culture via our exciting range of events. Whether staying as a guest, a participant on our programs or as part of our community exchange, we offer an environment for growth. This is a place to build new connections forming global community. It’s a chance to nurture your relationship with yourself in order to share your gifts fully with the whole world.






We believe the optimal way to live is with a conscious balance

We believe the optimal way to live is with a conscious balance.There are no rules about what you must do to live happily and healthily, that’s what we’re here to explore. We’ve pieced together three main human attributes, which you can discover and balance in your own unique way…

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Here in Rosemary we are inspiring people to go beyond perceived limitations, try new things and shape a better world.

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