please leave your commom sense before keep reading

are you really happy

or really just comfortable?

The majority of people feel the system is wrong. 

From an external point of view their life seems to be great, but on the inside something is missing. Despite this they continue to walk in the same road, marching in the direction society demands. In order to survive one needs to work all day long fulfilling other people’s expectations in the illusionary race we call life. The routine is an unstoppable course that requires all of our resources and energy to achieve a false sense of satisfaction.

We are here to reaffirm what life is all about and explore what will truly make you happy from your deepest emotions.

our calling

the why

We believe it is possible for everyone to live a meaningful life full of joy, happiness, health, love and serenity to help this world to live in harmony with the planet and humanity.

For every human being who feels confused and exhausted we will provide him with the opportunity to feel safe, secure, healthy and loved unconditionally. We will provide the time and space to become part of a positive community and work on your purest values, characteristics and abilities.

We are here to help you stop for a moment and develop awareness about the way you choose to live.



Maintain an ecological wellness center, that focus on inspiring individuals. This place is the future of connected, conscious hospitality and with its purpose and unique structure provides a life changing experience and it is a point of reference for a more aligned way of living worldwide.


the how

To be able to understated all the components of the center and build them together to make the place working perfectly full of people and provide these experiences to thousands every year.


the feeling in the place

living health

We pay attention to what we put in our body, we read the little details on every package. No company will fool us anymore, we eat raw, local, fresh, nourishing and healthy food. Exercising the body is in our main priorities, we take care of ourselves; the joy of strong and healthy body is our daily satisfaction.

aligned with your values

What really matters to you? Do you know your own values that give you your own unique direction. You are guided by your heart and your daily decisions are made from alignment to your true values and not by desires, fear or influence from others. You feel centered and aligned.

connected with nature

This is clear for you that we came from nature, you respect the harmony of nature that created everything around you, including you. You always try to choose the natural way, you preserve nature and are amazed by it. You align yourself to the rhythm of nature to learn who you really are.

full expression

When you dance you dance fully, when you hug you hug truly, when you love you love deeply. You have no fears or limitations and you put yourself out there in everything you do; your art, your business, your lifestyle. Let your inner child to run free.

loving & caring for other people

Be kind to others, show your love and appreciation to them. In any person there are many things you can learn and be inspired by, You focus on them and shine it out, don’t judge or reflect yourself on others, give them all the space to be completely them around you and care for them from your heart because this is the way you want to see the world.

continuosly striving for personal growth

We are here to learn and grow. Find the lesson in any life situation, every challenge is an opportunity for growth, learn new things every day. Share, teach and listen carefully.

the method

Is based on 3 main pillars: Monkey, Monk and Modern Human. 

We believe that each one of them is a fundamental aspect in our well being and the balance between them is the key for living your optimal way of life.