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What launching yourself off a cliff can teach you about decision making…

What launching yourself off a cliff can teach you about decision making…

Whilst co-hosting a Rosemary Experience Day on Tuesday I stood (quite literally) on the edge and was presented with an opportunity to jump…

There were 12 of us in the group and being at the edge of this cliff, jumping into the water below represented something different for each of us. Some people couldn’t wait to launch themselves off and for others they had never done anything like this before, even climbing up the rocks was totally out of their comfort zone and huge personal achievement.

For me, I have always loved high adrenaline activities, but after an accident cliff jumping 4 years ago, the opportunity triggered a past memory of the potential physical danger and a powerful sense of fear rise up in my body. You know that familiar drop in the pit of your stomach and your heart starting to pound. The resistance in your body and that mind chatter “Ah I could if I wanted to, I don’t have to do it, maybe I’m just not feeling it today…’

“The activity isn’t just about jumping off the cliff” said Eilon one of the other facilitators, “It’s a metaphor for life. For making a decision. The taste of fear will come to you at many different times, whether it’s having a difficult conversation, breaking up with a lover or asking for time off from your job to travel”.

“The question is; what do you decide to do with the fear?”

As I stood at the edge I could feel the fear in the people around me and I knew the more difficult it was becoming for me to jump.

The hardest point then came when I chose to step out from the crowd. Away from the nervousness of my friends, to go to the edge on my own. I had been watching people jump again and again, so I knew it could be done.

As I got closer to the edge, my heart was racing, I assessed the height one last time, shook the fear off and went for it.

In this moment I realised the value of deciding for myself. For some people the decision was not to jump, which is to be honoured just as much as the people that did it.

So often as humans we try to avoid discomfort, designing our lives to be certain. Yet, fear is a tool for expansion and it will always come. This is why I believe consciously choosing to step out of your comfort zone, within a controlled environment, is such a valuable opportunity. You practice small acts of courage like a muscle, with every taken opportunity you expand yourself. These are the types of opportunities we create for people everyday during the Heart Attack Program.

Within every feeling of fear, is an important message. It is our internal guidance which can alert us to something that we value potentially being at risk or in danger. For me, it was my physical safety, but in these moments it’s important not to get too caught in the mind chatter. To acknowledge the fear, to examine the real effect on your wellbeing and see what decision feels right for you. Asking yourself; “What would the highest version of myself do?”

No matter what decision you make, you will learn. Whether you jump, or not.

The important thing, is to just decide.

So ask yourself the questions; what edge are you currently at? What is your mind chattering about? What decision do you need to make for your highest growth? Will you honour yourself if you decide to hold back or will you make the choice to expand your comfort zone forever?

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