experience life through

a new perspective


Next dates: May 31st – june 2nd

Price: $500 USD

Wake Up! Come jump into the icy waters of yourself and gain a deep understanding about who you are and how to be the best version of yourself in order to live most brightly and purposefully. We will take you through a process of opening up, exploring your mind and your heart and putting the two in alignment so that you can be empowered to make the change in your life needed to feel excited, connected and fulfilled.

Did you ever have an ‘Aha!’ moment where you saw life through different eyes and it allowed you to think clearer, feel lighter and be more confident? This is an experience designed to create those moments through self-knowledge, psychologically challenging activities and experiential workshops.

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What we’ll explore

We look to give you the knowledge, experience and the tools to leave from our retreat to be able to create real sustainable change in your life so that you are more able to do the things that make you grow and be the person that makes you shine.

personal spiritual retreat

Mindfulness and meditation


– What it is

– What it isn’t

– How it can change your life

– How to do it

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The Subconscious Mind


– Understanding the subconscious mind

– What lies within your subconscious mind

– How to change your limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs

– How to control the chatter in your mind

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– Understanding the forces that cause fear, anxiety, doubt and insecurity

– Who you REALLY are and how to know

– How to manage the forces that limit you and harness those that make you shine

– How to develop self-love, acceptance and esteem

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Human Connection


– The elements necessary for human connection to happen

– The barriers to human connection

– How to create deep and authentic human connection with your friends, family, colleagues and strangers

self empowerment program

How to create positive habits


– The science of habits

– The biggest obstacles to creating consistent habits

– How to apply your new tools daily in your life

What is included?

Imagine what new opportunities could enter your life once you express your true passions and commit to a purposeful challenge.

Activities and Workshops

Throughout the weekend you will experience diverse workshops, lectures and experiential challenges. Some of which you may be familiar with and others you certainly won’t!

Through teachings taken from international practices, our facilitators will take you on a journey through self discovery, mindfulness and connection. Over the three days we’ll WAKE UP your potential, giving you tools to create a life you’re in love with. 


Located next to a jungle on the side of a mountain, overlooking the ocean across the river, our jungle home is a haven where you can explore and connect to nature. Wake Up includes two night’s accommodation in one of our shared rooms with other retreat participants. You also have the option to book private accommodation if you prefer. (request on reservation)

Optimal Nutrition

Throughout the weekend you will receive delicious, nutrient dense meals carefully prepared by our professional chefs, inspired by Ayurvedic philosophy and using natural, seasonal ingredients. 

Meals included: Friday dinner, breakfast, lunch and dinner Saturday & Sunday.

Example day on Wake Up

Meditation & Mindfulness Intro

7:00 am

Morning routine with Rosemary founders

7:30 am


9:00 am

Workshop: Finding your higher self

10:00 am


1:00 pm

Workshop: The subconscious mind

3:30 pm


6:30 pm

Night Activity: Talking from the heart

9:00 pm

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Matt Brigante
New York, USA

I experienced an outpouring of love and appreciation from the Rosemary team that I had never felt before and one that I will never forget. At Rosemary, love is so embedded in the culture and is clear in everything they do; from cooking you a meal, to sharing a conversation, to giving you a compliment in the morning, you can feel the love in all of it and the only word I can use to describe it is PURE.

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Rosemary Community

“You won’t find anything like this anywhere else, where you can challenge yourself and grow and in the same time feel completely at home. One of the best human experiences I’ve ever had. Thanks to each and everyone who crossed my life there

Self Discovery Retreat
Rosemary Guest

“Be careful because if you come here you are going to end up staying longer than you planned. The location is an actual dream, the food is incredible and the people you meet here will change your life” 

Program Details

Big changes start with bold decisions. Reserve your spot now!


A 3-day retreat
May 31st – June 2nd 2019
September 6th – 8th 2019
September 27th – 29th 2019


Rosemary Dream, Barra da Lagoa,
Florianópolis – SC, Brazil

How Much

All Inclusive (house, food & activities)

Full Program Price: US$ 500

Join us on 

may 31st , 2019

Experience life through a new perspective

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Upcoming Dates

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june 2019

May 31st – June 2nd 

september 2019

Friday 6th – Sunday 8th September


Friday 27th – Sunday 29th September

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Any questions?

Check out some Frequently Asked Questions or get in touch with us on the form below


How do I get there?


Rosemary Dream is based in Barra Da Lagoa. The cheapest way is to arrive is by bus. From the central bus station (Terminal Centro), it will take you 1-2 hours depending on the day. When you arrive at Centro, you need to exit and head right to the local bus station (Terminal Urbano). Here you will need to get either the 320 or the 330 to TILAG (Terminal de Integração da Lagoa da Conceição) and then the 360 to Barra Da Lagoa. At the final stop you will see a big blue bridge which you need to cross and then follow the path right for 100 metres until you’re at Rosemary Dream.


It is around 50 Reis to get an uber from the Terminal Centro to Barra da Lagoa so if you don’t mind spending that little bit extra, jump in!


If you took a flight to Florianopolis, you can either get a ticket for a minibus to a nearby bus station and get a bus from there to Terminal Centro, Floripa inside the airport before you exit, or alternatively you can take a taxi there too.

If you need to know where we are, check it out on Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/VKbcUKSKTQx

How much free time will I have?

We want to give you the most we can whilst you’re with us, so you won’t have any time during the program to do much of your own stuff other than an hour after lunch.

What’s included?

For the weekend, you will be provided with food from Friday dinner until Sunday Lunch, all your accommodation, and activities during the program.

What will I be eating?

We will be providing you with the most delicious and nutritious food. 80% of our food is vegan, and the rest of the time we eat pescatarian.

Can I bring my dog/kids?

Because the program is fully immersive, we don’t allow people to bring their dogs or children since there won’t be time for you to care for them.

Where will I sleep?

As part of the participant experience, we think it’s best to be in shared accommodation so that you bond with your fellow participants. However, if you want you can also choose to upgrade or be in a private room.

What’s nearby?

Rosemary Dream is situated in Barra Da Lagoa, a small fishing village. Here you will be able to buy all your necessities and essentials. If you need to get money out or buy something special there’s a bigger town nearby called Lagoa da Conceição.

What should I bring?

All you need is you, some comfortable clothes, some activewear and trainers, a water bottle and your toiletries.

When do I need to arrive?

We ask that you arrive before 17:30 on Friday if possible so that we can meet you and have the opening talk before the program starts. If that’s not possible, you will still be able to participate as long as you arrive before 20:00.

Can I stay after?

Please do! Normally, our participants want to stay at least another week or two after to consolidate and reflect on their experience whilst still under the wing of Rosemary. You can stay for as long as you like after the program at a special discounted rate for participants.

Do I need vaccines?

Yes. Please see your personal doctor for information on which ones you need before you come. It is not a requirement for you to have the Yellow Fever or Rabies vaccine to enter Brazil.

Cancelation Policy


  • 100% deposit (U$ 500) refund for cancellation 60 days before the program
  • 50% deposit (U$ 500) refund for cancellation between 59 to 30 days before the program
  • No deposit (U$ 500) refund for cancellation 29 days before the program


Cancellation 60 days before – 100% deposit refund (U$ 500)

Cancellation 59 days before – 50% deposit refund (U$ 250)

Cancellation 31 days before – 50% deposit refund (U$ 250)

Cancellation 30 days before – 50% deposit refund (U$ 250)

Cancellation 29 days before – NO REFUND


Additional terms:

  • Rosemary Dream reserves the right to cancel and / or change program data of the event of non-compliance with the minimum number of persons required, with prior notice 30 days prior to commencement. In this case, the refund will be 100%. And is not responsible for airplane tickets, travel insurances, visas, etc
  • After the program starts (and with the total payment made):

Refund will be according with the remaining amount of the participant stays.

    • death of close relatives
    • Illness
    • accidents caused during program activities

No refund

    • Accidents outside the program
    • If the participant breaks any rule of the program and Rosemary philosophy and is subject to its departure
    • Political changes
    • If the participant decides to leave the course voluntarily
  • In any case of cancellation the deposit can be transferred to a future program or to someone else (we highly recommend this).

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