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What if students could take responsibility for their own education? With the evolution of online educational platforms students now have the opportunity to study what they want, where they want, with who they want and get the exact same knowledge as campus university students. Online course platforms give students the freedom to customise their own degree, choosing which skills they want to learn.

It’s interesting to observe the resistance in the majority of the population to follow this unconventional educational path, higher education institutions and businesses often don’t see the value in online studies. On the other hand, we see a growing trend within this ideology in the millennial workforce. Digital nomads are now an increasing percentage of the population. This freedom of working from anywhere while discovering the world, new cultures and living a dream lifestyle is increasingly desirable. This modern nomad trend is prevalent amongst the new generation of freelance workers, and is likely to capture the hearts of the next generation, who are living their lives online more than ever.

What if you could begin this nomadic professional lifestyle whilst studying, and take responsibility for your studies whilst living in a community that supports alternative education and personal growth. Riseglobe (which stands for a Real Innovative Social Education) is the academic branch of Rosemary Dream. Offering a model of education and enrichment to give students an optimal growth experience during a semester abroad, Riseglobe has built the first student nomad international hub, attracting students from all over the world to bring their studies to a tropical island, Floríanopolis, Brazil.

When you think of your dream life, what do you think of? Beach, nature, natural beauty, ocean, wild animals, simplicity, good vibes, variety, inspiring people, family and so on? What if this dream life could be a student’s campus? Riseglobe has set its foundation here at Rosemary Dream center. Not only the location is magical but its energy as well! A holistic center with a constant flux of inspiring people from all over the world. The perfect campus for an ultimate growth experience.

“Learning your own way means finding the methods that work best for you and creating conditions that support sustained motivation. Perseverance, pleasure, and the ability to retain what you learn are among the wonderful byproducts of getting to learn using methods that suit you best and in contexts that keep you going.” – Kio Stark, author of Don’t Go Back to School.

The idea of Rise Semester is for students to be self-motivated to get the best out of their educational program, encouraging them to choose a course which excites and motivates them. Students bring their studies, which could be an online university semester, a free online learning platform or a short course on any subject they desire. Riseglobe provides an open environment allowing students to explore, grow and take action personally, professionally and globally.
We hold a space for growth and discovery, as well as a program of activities, optimal nutrition, workshops and inspiring talks in order for students to have an enriched learning experience.

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Hi guys,

Currently deciding what kind of master I would like to continue with and in what kind of form. finished studies in the field of Bussiness/Information management.

Hope the brochure gives information and broaden my perspective.

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