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what’s rosemary about

We’re a worldwide group of dreamers, game-changers and purposeful leaders, here to rock your world and bring the extraordinary out of each other.

The Rosemary community exists all over the world, from the core community and visiting dreamers at our center in Florianopolis, to the wild wanderers inspired by Rosemary who continue to spread across the globe!



We are an international community of those who have left the comfort zone of modern day life, swapping salaries and security for an authentic adventure lead from the heart. We might live on top of a mountain on an island but we are very connected with the wider world, creating a new society driven by purpose, deep relationships and meaningful action.

get wild

our home & your playground

We are here to you stop for a moment and develop awareness about the way you choose life.

For every human being who feels confused and exhausted we will provide him with the opportunity to feel safe, secure, healthy and loved unconditionally.

We hold the space for you to check in with yourself, rediscover your sense of inner clarity and cultivate balance.



We share the same values and strive to create a positive living space. Whilst you been here you will experience the dynamic energy of positive, fun and ambitious people who want to push themselves and Rosemary to new heights. 

We are constantly looking to improve and challenge ourselves in order to positively impact the world and make us happier and more productive people.