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The Rosemary Method

The Rosemary Method

At Rosemary we show there is an alternative way to be, with like minded people who are connected by a common set of values and a shared mission to improve their own and others’ lives.

Using the three pillars of Monk, Monkey and Modern Human, we illustrate that achieving your optimal way of life is all about balance. You may be more Modern Human and looking to explore your inner Monk, or perhaps you want to connect with nature and discover your inner Monkey. ?

Have a read and ask yourself, which do I identify with most? Which side would I like to develop?


Breathe, relax and dive inwards – it’s time to be yourself. Open your mind and learn with humility as you embrace the wisdom from different perspectives. Nourish your consciousness with moderation and self-discipline to control your impulsive desires. Focus on maintaining a positive attitude to feel the daily joy of a balanced mental state. Inner peace is the foundation of being able to give selflessly and appreciate the value of life!


Move, climb and jump – set your inner child free to play! By identifying with our untamed cousin, the Monkey, and embracing some of it’s behaviours you can live sustainably, eat healthily and master skills that you have forgotten in modern life. You can lower your inhibitions and release your instincts to fully express your wild self. Most importantly, you will learn to respect the planet, preserve nature and recognise the beauty in simple things.


Think big, write down your goals, it’s time to achieve your success. By managing your time, working efficiently and being more organised, you will enjoy the rewards of productivity. As a Modern Human you will expand your horizons, creating meaningful relationships to be part of a global network of inspiring people. We value our links to society and embrace the beauty that comes from international travel, parties and success. Get ready, it is the Modern Human that will enable you to live your dreams!


Are you ready to find your balance?


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