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The Rosemary center provides a life-changing experience and personal growth to those who stay, which will eventually help to develop significant physical and mental focus.
Combining wildlife, creative design, simplicity and a variety of workshops, the Connection Center allows participants to experience self-development, personal beliefs and build their awareness for a healthier, more conscious life-style.

The first Connection Center was created in Brazil in 2016, 75,000sqm land with vast nature with jungle, mountains, ocean and lake situated next to a river in a fishermen village called Barra da Lagoa, in the island of Florianópolis.

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the center

Our home is situated in the magic island of Florianópolis. Surrounded by subtropical forests, river, ocean, mountains, lake and sea makes for the idealistic setting to submerge into tranquility and escape your usual scenes. 

We live on a mountain by the ocean in a community, offering a place that is grounded in simplicity. By comin here you have the opportunity to create deep connections, take yourself off in the mountains or jump in the ocean all in the same day!

get wild

Rosemary is not just a really cool house. Although we do have wifi free to use, you might be distracted with our two yoga decks overlooking the sea and Barra, which can be used for many activities or just to sit and admire the view, yoga mats, hanging hoops and our surfboards if you fancy yourself as a rad surfer dude. We live within the perfect balance of nature and urban life. There are plenty of activities in the surrounding area, such as sand boarding, clubbing, kayaking, live music, to do at a low coast. The International Airport, Bus Station and City Centre are all less than an hour from our door.

how rosemary was born

“When we were first here in Barra da Lagoa, we heard of an incredible woman who lived on a magnificent land on the mountain. This land had belonged to her family for a long time and this woman was known by all as someone very special. Her name was Rosemari and she entrusted this land to us.”

the method

The MONKEY is about play, using your body, wildness, setting your inner child free and connecting to nature.

The MONK is about realising the only way out is in so turning the focus inwards, cultivating inner calm and emotional balance.

The MODERN HUMAN is about our social environment, taking action, goal setting and authentically connecting and communicating with others in our global community .

the tribe

A community of people who help each other become a better version of themselves.
Growing into more focused and happier individuals.
Living in community give people a sense of belonging, warmth and love while at the
same time empowering them to develop their own self-expression.


Come jump into the icy waters of yourself and gain a deep understanding about who you are and how to be the best version of yourself in order to live most brightly and purposefully.

We will take you through a process of opening up, exploring your mind and heart and putting the two in alignment.