the method

monk& monkey & modern human

way of life

based on 3 main pillars:
monk, monkey & modern human

We believe each one of them is a fundamental aspect in our well being and the balance between them is the key for living your optimal way of life.

The Monk represents our mental and emotional spheres and our ability for creating stability, balance and positive attitude towards life.

The Monkey represents the physical sphere – our natural and biological aspects.

The Modern Human represents the social sphere – our abilities of being authentic to find our particular way in society and our genuine and true connection with people.



the method

green living

In a world that is so influenced by technology, we tend to spend a lot of time indoors, in front of a computer or confined to a desk. When we lose contact with nature, we lose contact with ourselves. A simple walk in the wild can remind us of important values such as modesty, simplicity and gratitude. By seeing ourselves as part of the Earth, we naturally start to engage in green behaviours, reduce consumption and make a commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.


Rewilding is about reintegrating to our wild side and remembering that our body has its own wisdom. We want to inspire you to regain your ability to listen to your body and understand what it needs to feel good and strong . Feed your body with natural food that will energize you through the day. Be mindful while you are eating. Use life situations as your playground and integrate natural movement  to your daily routine so you can strengthen your body and prepare yourself to face the challenges of life.

self expression

Self expression is about uncovering the power that we have inside ourselves and being able to show it to the world. In Rosemary, we offer an open and safe enviroment where individuals feel comfortable to let go of inhibitions without fear of judment. We want to invite you to fully express your authenticity and be yourself in your entirety. Dance, smile, act, love, play, be curiouss, have fun, find new passions, let your inner child be free and inspire others to do the same.


the method


In a world where the emphasis is on effort and instant results, learning how to breath, relax, stay in silence and dive inwards can make a huge difference in our well being. We believe that achieving a state of emotional stability regardless of external events is equal to freedom. By creating balanced mindset, we gain the ability to focus our energy on what really matters to us.

self control

We cannot control everything that heppens in the external wold, but we can definitely control how we react to it. Developing self control is about making a shift in life from compulsiveness to consciousness. When we are able to control our desires and impulses whilst taking full responsibility for our actions, we can live up to our greatest goals and stay true to highest values.

growth mindset

Having a growth mindset means having a passion for learning. Get out of your comfort zone, try new experiences, overcome your fears and be open to differing ideas. Only when we have the humility to recognize ourselves as beginners, can we continue growing. By confidently embracing challenges and seeing them as opportunities to develop ourselves we can take ourselves to new heights. Take responsibility for everything n your life and you become empowered.

modern human

the method


Our work is going to take a great amount of time in our lifes, so the only way to live a life with full satisfaction is loving what we do. When we discover our talents and find out what connects with our hearts, we open up the possibilities to make a difference in people’s lives and create stability for ourselves. Find your purpose in life and work towards it, transform your thoughts into actions and stick to your goals. We can never know our ful potential until we challenge ourselves to discover it.


We believe that belonging is fundamental to our sense of happiness and well being, that’s why developing authentic connections and real engagement with people is one of our core values in Rosemary. Treat people with love and acceptance, use positive language, exclude judment from your life. As modern human, we want to inspire you to trust yourself and others, expand your horizons, create meaningful relationships and be part of a global network of inspire people.


Being efficient means getting the results you wish for with less time and effort – and to do that, we must learn how to work smarter, instead of working harder. By creating right habts, managing your time, developing discipline, working efficiently and being more organised, you will enjoy the rewards of productivity.