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Welcome to our jungle home in Barra da Lagoa, Florianopólis, Brazil




Rosemary is a land of possibilities

You’re invited to come here to grow your ideas in a supportive environment that inspires creation. So many people who pass through our doors end up with light bulb moments, sparks of insight and the motivation required to launch projects off the ground. This place is here to bring out the best in you and to allow you to fully express your uniqueness to the world through art, music, dancing, business and anything else you can think of!



In 2016 we has the opportunity to create our first home on the Island of Magic, Florianópolis Brazil. A jungle-covered mountain in the traditional fishing village of Barra da Lagoa. With the vision to build our first international empowerment center; nature, movement, health, personal development and connection all in one place.

Barra Da Lagoa, Florianópolis Island

Barra da Lagoa is on the East side of Florianópolis island. A fisherman’s paradise in winter and a  hub for backpackers in summer. Praia da Barra stretches over almost half of the island and is surrounded by lush green mountains, attracting surfers and hikers.

Rosemary Home

Surrounded by jungle, Rosemary Brazil is a year round hub for immersive empowerment programs, relaxing and educational retreats and stimulating and unique events for anyone who wants to inspire and be inspired. A place without labels or limitations.

Connection & Nature

Rosemary offers the best of both worlds with natural spaces where you can enjoy a moment to yourself and a bustling international community space where you can connect to others.

Wild Experiences

We have camping decks out in the forest with an equipped jungle kitchen for those who want to experience the wild and beautiful communal or private rooms to stay for those who prefer modern comforts.


The Empowerment Centre

The main activity at Rosemary dream is our personal empowerment programs & retreats. We provide a space for you to explore your limitations, dive deep into self discovery, take a pause from the everyday and discover your optimal way of life! Learn more about our programs.

The Botanical Garden

Rosemary land is a haven of sub-tropical plants and fruit trees. In spring you can gorge on guavas, and summer brings bounties of lychees, among other delicious treats from nature. Originally designed as a botanical garden by donna Rosemari, who you can read more about below… 

The story behind

the land of Rosemary

When we were first here in Barra da Lagoa, we heard of an incredible woman who lived on a magnificent land on the mountain. This land had belonged to her family for a long time and this woman was known by all as someone very special. Her name was Rosemari and she entrusted this land to us.

Rosemari could talk for hours about the plants here. She told us that in the last 40 years she had been creating a botanical garden with plants from all over the world. She started to give us a lesson on medicinal plants, she showed us everything, telling us the scientific name, the indigenous name, the Brazilian name of each one. While she explained, she kept walking around the field planting the many seedlings in her hand.

We spent nine hours with her walking and planting while she told the stories of each plant. We did not eat. We did not stop. We were exhausted, and she would not stop, with an energy that we could hardly believe! It was a very remarkable experience for us.

After buying the land, for 2 years, we stayed connected to Rosemari. Due to her sickness, she was unable to come to the land so we visited her house to talk and continued to take care of her plants and the land. She is such a huge part of this place, without her it wouldn’t be possible.

Sadly, Rosemari died 12th January, 2018. We are honoured to continue her legacy of living a life in harmony with nature, tending to the land and treating the plants with love and care. She may not be with us in her physical body but her dream is still alive and she remains part of the land on this magical island.

To find out more read the full story on our blog.

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