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The Key of Winning is Choosing The Game You Love to Play

The Key of Winning is Choosing The Game You Love to Play

Rosemary Rocket, Iva, shares her life changing philosophy on how to feel like a winner throughout the many different challenges that life presents. She tells us all about setting her own rules and making important choices about what kind of life she wants to lead. Iva says we are all winners who can overcome obstacles that stand in our way.

A person standing on top of a mountain with their arms held high in the air.

Let me ask you something. Do you want to be surprised? Are you waiting for something unexpected to happen that you never thought could happen to you? Sometimes we get bored by repetition, by predictability, by trying and getting disappointed. Sometimes it feels like we are following a string of bad luck or missing out. There are so many of us, why bother at all. Let’s just accept things as they are and follow the rules in this crazy system full of the strange games we play and the rules we obey.

What if YOU could set the rules and values?

Imagine if you could adjust the world to your needs, if you could be the master of your life and invent new games, new rules. It would all look very different, wouldn’t it? But you are just one person, one of the 7.5 billion of us. Maybe you’re asking yourself what’s so special about one person in this life game of survival. You may not have had to fight with a saber tooth tiger to be here, but still you are here. You are alive. You have survived or you are surviving whatever you are going through. Does that make you a winner?

Are you choosing the game you play or is it choosing you?

Let me tell you a story about two games. One that chose me and one that was chosen by me. When I was a toddler, my dad left me in a field full of tall spiky grass whilst he hid out of sight. He was watching to see if I could go through the field. Almost three decades after that, I repeatedly applied to volunteer at Rosemary and wasn’t accepted at first. A couple of years later I arrived there.

Let me tell you ANOTHER story, a story about YOUR championship. I know who you are. You are strong and persistent and you know what you want, you’re going to get it no matter what. Does that feel good to hear? Or maybe it sounds like a horoscope that doesn’t have anything to do with you.

Do you remember your successes? Let me remind you. There were 250 million competitors for the position you are now in. You fought for life so fiercely that you won. Yes, you out of 250 million. You are here, they are not. Obviously it meant something to you, this life. You wanted it so bad, that you were faster, stronger and better than all the other sperm. Nothing stopped you, you knew the way. Whatever you think about yourself, it’s a fact that you won that race. You are a badass winner.

A happy smiling group holding a man up in the air. He is laughing and has his arms spread wide in triumph.

We are all winners.

So what else have you done, except from win the sperm championship? You were the first person who brought air in your lungs. Dude, that’s incredible! May I share what I consider winning? For me winning is everytime I surprise myself, everytime I try to do something I thought I would never be able to do, to be in a position I never thought I would see myself. For me winning is everytime I dare to ask myself why not me? Then I try it, experience it, each new game I’ve chosen.

Let me uncover a lifechanging secret. We set the rules.

Back when was a toddler in the field, I didn’t start panicking or crying. I got scared but it didn’t stop me. My dad said that when he saw me going through that spiky grass and finding my way, he knew that I could do anything I wanted and that he didn’t have to worry about me finding my way.

All those years later, I booked two nights in Rosemary so they couldn’t kick me out, I was a guest, I was paying for food and accommodation. I started to work there by myself, cause that’s what I wanted to do. I was digging a hole for the garden project, and eventually got a two weeks trial. I overcame obstacles, and I found my own rhythm beating stronger, faster, better. Like the Heart Attack program where I was eventually one of the core team facilitators. After five months of volunteering there and missing my flight back home, they asked me to stay and I did.

If Rosemary is a place, then that place is my heart. But it’s not a place, it’s a way of life, it’s a culture. I am Rosemary. Iva Believer Banana Yellow Celebration Fever. Two years of bold decisions, frustration, tears, wanting to give up a million times. I didn’t. Cause I’m a Rosemary Rocket and I surround myself with people who remind me of who I am and I live like a winner lives.

A happy woman wearing a flower head dress.
Iva Believer: “I’m a Rosemary Rocket and I surround myself with people who remind me of who I am.”

Choose to win

What if my father never made that game in the field, or if I got accepted immediately into the Rosemary team without having to persist? Would I have loved the game as much?

There are so many games. I don’t know if you’ve chosen the one you are playing right now or not, but I know you can win. You CAN choose and you CAN set the rules and live like a winner, carrying your medals in your heart. Sometimes, we just need someone to remind us. So, what are you waiting for? Let yourself be reminded of who you are. Surprise yourself.

Rosemary is made by those few who remember who they are and who live like winners do.
Come and tell us about championships we’ve never heard about.
Come and let us show you the championships you’ve never heard about.
We want to remind you of your courage and strength.

Rosemary’s way of life is living healthy, aligned with your values, connected with Nature, with full expression, loving and caring for other people and continuously striving for personal growth. If you want to experience all of this for yourself, check out our Heart Attack programme.

Iva suggests that you listen to the song Cruisin’ by Smokey Robinson after reading. She also wants to share an inspirational quote by Lalah Deliah: “She remembered who she was and the game changed”.

Written by Iva Santini
Edited by Jasmine Sara
Photography by Bruna Brandão

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