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Meet our international circle of do-ers and game-changers!



Taking Rosemary Dream around the world!

The Rosemary Rockets was established organically when some former guests and volunteers just couldn’t go back to what they used to think life was. We kept on surprising each other, inspiring to raise the bar and stay true to our new, driven and unapologetic lifestyles.

The world needs people to take the lead with a refreshing and striking approach. We are shamelessly honored to challenge the norms and fly too high.


Take Greenpeace, United Nations and Couchsurfing – blend it all together, taste it, get bored, add lots of spicy stuff, regret it, add lots of honey, take a shot – goosebumps, uncomfortable, laughing? Good, you’re getting closer.

We are spontaneous and agile so we can stretch our projects as far as our imaginations and we are not afraid to fail as long as we serve as role models. The group is a sparkly network of superstars who connect, who we’d trust to be the CEO of our business and take our Mum on a date. We organise international meet-ups to hang out and socialise with other big dreamers and action takers. Why? Just for the fun of it!

We specialise in bringing the extraordinary out of everyday ordinary situation, because for us, it’s all about the peeps. We can spark a business, a campaign or an event with scarce resources. Attitude is our game. So pass the ball goalkeeper!


Our international circle is made of the most random individuals, so random, that most of them don’t even know each other.

Trust is the sticky-icky glue that keeps it all going in wondrous ways.

Quantity and candy don’t live here as we are focused to maintain and expand the most quality oriented relationships you could dream of.

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“Done with being haunted by unrealistic ideas – let’s make them real!”

“I am free, being me, full of light doing what’s right!!”

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“Life is about having fun and loving unconditionally, traveling to live”

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“Smile from the soul, listen with the heart and use the mind for everything else.”

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“Play like a 2 month-old puppy & think as a 2 millennia-old philosopher”

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“Only one question matters: WHAT DO YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE“

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“Dancing limbo in the moonshine with the wise, the wild and the wicked ones.”

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“Oh how peoples gifts and talents, left unexpressed, break my heart – unleash the beast!”

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Talent not required.

Forget about your CV and pick up lines. Because an interview won’t be taking place.

Do you make your friends laugh but not because you’re funny? Do strangers ask for your number but not because you’re sexy? Do your ex bosses want you back but not because you’re pro?

If 99% of the people don’t understand you, tu es sur la bonne voie! (Keep on going).

We wish we could open the circle to more people and make it nice and easy, but we just can’t seem to stop the spaceship. There are a few free seats just because no one’s sitting, it’s time to dance – let’s see if you can ‘Rock it’.