Riseglobe is built to form social leaders of tomorrow.

Taking responsibility of your education starts with a bold decision.

We host students for 3 months from all over the world who are taking an educational path by distance learning. Whilst completing university, students experience personal growth and life skills all set in an optimal environment.

Guided by our carefully selected Dream Team, students will acquire self-discipline, the tools for a healthy lifestyle, theoretical knowledge and learn by doing with real life social impact projects, international connections and the power to make a significant change in the world.

You will discover an environment with goal setting, workshops, inspiring people, well organised logistics, facilities and living conditions to optimize your learning space.

Rise semester is ideal as quality online courses are now available on any subject, at any time and anywhere.

Although , through research we’ve found out the online courses suffer from the lack of human presence which have a negative impact on student’s motivation. Virtual learning communities are not yet as stimulating and efficient as presencial peers. During their study years, students often lack time, opportunities, and the adequate environment to clarify their education path using self development practices. Millennials are faced with the dilemma to study or travel. Finding the optimal environment to combine both is often a challenge.

Riseglobe has been developed in order to answer today’s educational challenges.

The Process

Imagine what new opportunities could enter your life once you express your true passions and commit to a purposeful challenge.


Connect your work to the online world.


Empower yourself in your dream location.


Become an action taker


Journey through personal growth to global development


Evolve from self empowerment to social innovation.

The program is designed to offer students the optimal growth experience. During Rise Semester, students will gain all theoretical knowledge from their chosen online platform which will be the door to the academic development of the student.

With a group of like minded students, they will also explore personal development, from facing limiting beliefs to discovering a world of possibilities and finding their purpose. This will be their door to human development.

As a result, through theoretical knowledge and self belief students will apply their learning for a cause greater than themselves with the action taking project.


A day at Riseglobe will vary every time. We aim to offer an optimal environment for studies. A simple schedule is will guide students through the semester. Outside the basic structure of meals and Rise’s essential workshops, student have the freedom to join in activities, workshops or language classes. The environment is available for student to discover world of possibilities to learn and grow and take action.

A day to day life style example:

  • Morning routine
  • Breakfast
  • E-learning
  • Lunch
  • Nature Activity
  • E-learning
  • Workshop
  • Dinner
  • Relax/Bounding
  • Night Routine
  • Sleep

As you may face periods, at some point(s) of the semester, with intensive workloads, we developed “Study sprints” which are dedicated time periods where you will have all the necessary time and tools to focus on your online course’s assignements, group work or exams.

Study sprints may occur at any time during the semester as often as you will need some.

What is included?

Everything that you need to focus and optimize your learning.



You will stay at Rosemary Dream home, on a shared accommodation with other fellow participants on the program.

Located next to a jungle on the side of a mountain, overlooking the ocean. Florianópolis is known as the Island of Magic, and once you visit it’s not hard to know why. This sub-tropical paradise is famous for its beaches and natural wonders.

All the accommodation expenses are included in the program.


Co-working Space

We offer a Co-working Space optimal to student’s needs. Around clock access to a quality wifi and facilities to study.

  • Open 24/7
  • Convenient/ comfortable working space
  • Quality WiFi
  • Printing Service
  • Library
  • Kitchen
  • Mentor accessibility


Throughout the 3 months you will receive delicious, nutrient dense meals carefully prepared by our professional chefs, as well as nutrition lectures, cooking workshops and individual nutrition plans.

You’ll notice how your body begins to respond as you eat well and progress to your optimal health.

During the 90-days program you will receive a total of 270 complete meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday!



To better develop your human and professional skills, a wide range of personal development and life skills workshops will be organised throughout the course of the semester.

Those workshops will help you to empower yourself by developing self-discipline and self-belief, will help you to clarify your life orientation, as well as developing practical skills you may bring in your future professional life, therefore reinforcing your employment opportunities.

Workshops may include:

  • Discover your values and talents
  • Subconscious mind
  • Talking from the heart and overcoming social fears
  • Public speaking
  • Permaculture
  • Design thinking


Every student will have unlimited access to Udemy’s business platform. An opportunity to develop a variety of professional skills set. A great option for Gap Year students or Alternative education seekers. We as well provide 2 classes a week of Portuguese.

  • Unlimited access to Udemy for Business online course platform.
  • Portuguese classes
  • Personal development workshop and activities
  • Social/environmental action taking project


How often have you been thinking your university courses lack of hand-on application of theoretical knowledge and skills development? One of Riseglobe program essential’s focus is to tackle this challenges by giving you the opportunity to learn by doing. During the program, with your peers, you will create your own social or environmental positive impact project within Rosemary Dream center and learn life skills through experiential learning.

Workshops will be organised for you to acquire all the practical skills and tools required for launching your project.

Your project may answer some of the following issues:

  • Implementation of water recovery systems
  • Sustainable food systems
  • Economic development of social business
  • Social and environmental impact measurement

The Lifestyle

Embrace life while completing an important step in your education. Start the day strong with an inspiring morning routine. Use the mountain, jungle, beach or ocean as your playground. You are what you eat. Fresh consciously cooked breakfast awaits to every morning. Choose a healthy habit that you can bring back home. Take responsibility of your learning; jump in the kitchen and give a hand. Share your experiences with others. Absorb life insights from other’s experiences. Go out of your comfort zone: try something new!

  • Morning Routine
  • Jungle adventures
  • Family gatherings
  • Yoga
  • Surfing
  • Dancing Nights
  • Hiking

You will be invited to try a fresh way of life inside Rosemary center free of alcohol, tobacco, meat and dairy; rich in human connections, environmental consciousness and self expression

ETH Zurich student
28 years old

After having spent one beautiful and exciting month in Rosemary with adorable people and a social environment which is unique I believe spending a semester of studying in Rosemary with Riseglobe is definitely of integrative character in many ways.

Duke University Student
21 years old

I can not think of a better place to pursue college experience than Rosemary. Because although everyone is coming from and heading to a different place, the people who gather there have one thing in common: they are crazily motivated to grow, to become a better version of themselves and to create a better version of this world.

Cultural Immersion

Colourful beautiful Brazil… the sparking eyes of locals at the start of a football game or the sound of their vibrant music. You will have the chance to immerse yourself in the Brazilian culture.

Settled in an authentic fisherman village, early in the morning we may see men sailing out in the ocean for another big day of work. At night the music turns up and the village starts dancing. Every season: a different charm. Brazil never stops surprising us!

Speak: Followed by the colonization of Brazil by Portugal, Portuguese is the most spoken language in the country. A weekly language class will be offered for you to be better immersed in the Brazilian culture by socialising with the locals and understanding their world. During free time, you will have the chance to put in to practice your knowledge through speaking with everyone from fishermen to coffee shop baristas.

Experience: A variety of cultural experiences and activities will be provided throughout the semester. Among others, you will have the opportunity to experience a full day’s fishing on the Atlantic ocean with Barra da Lagoa’s fishermens. You will as well have the chance to experience a Temazcal, an ancestral tradition representing rebirth.

Is Riseglobe for you?

Are you…

Action takers?  You went down a long educational path which you love, but you still feel an urge to make a change in the world right now.

World adventurers? You have a traveler’s soul. Everyday is an opportunity to experience life differently and open your mind to a wider perspective. Discovering new cultures, learning new languages or getting out of your comfort zone has become your life motor:

Self-improvers?  You are thinking about or have started a self-development path where you understand that through growth you become unstoppable. Ted Talks have become your best friend but now you are looking for a more practical experience.

Relocaters? You love your home but still you can’t stop dreaming about waking up on a white sand beach or in the sounds of the jungle or maybe you want to integrate an hour of surfing or a wild run in your morning routine.

Online University Student

Joining the Rise Globe program will be a perfect occasion for studying in a dream location, gain self knowledge as well as develop practical tools by taking part to a real life social project with a team of like minded people.

Studying Online

Riseglobe’s semester tackles precisely online education weaknesses. Being surrounded by a team of similar peers and an inspiring Rise organizing team who will become your family, your motivation will be maintain at a high rate during the whole semester. The lack of human presence you may face with online classes will no longer be a reality as you will be putting new skills and knowledge to work in a stimulating environment.


We will make sure your academic schedule and online classes requirements are adequately fitting the Riseglobe program’s activities. During the recruitment phase, we will go through all your academic semester’s key dates and exam period for you to have the best work-life and  the Riseglobe’s program to perfectly match with your academic requirements.


If you are already enroll in a university you can join there online courses.

Research if your university offers online classes. Look up the possibility of taking a semester entirely online with your university. Nowadays, 50% of universities offer an online degree program, with that number set to rise. You might be surprised how accommodating your university might be while pursuing an alternative educational path.

If this option isn’t available, there may be the possibility to transfer to an online university course and transfer the credits you have already accumulated.

Gap Year Students

You are in a Gap Year and you want to keep learning new subjects which are directly related to your degree or you seek to widen your knowledge and skills with an innovative education semester combining online courses of you choice, a brazilian cultural immersion, an action taking program and a unique life experience ? Riseglobe may just be the ideal semester for you!

Online Platforms

There is a wide range of free online learning platforms which propose free courses you can apply foro design your online classes program if you decide to join Riseglobe !

A large variety of online platform are offered:

When is it time for a Gap Year Semester?

Before entering university, taking a dedicated period in the middle of your study to clarify your educational and professional path or simply have finished university and need a semester before entering the work field: Rise semester can suit you.

What is a Gap Year for?

A gap year is a year where you can push boundaries, acquire self-knowledge, dream big and enjoy simple things of life. During the recruitment phase we will go through your academic workload and adapt the program for your optimal benefit.

Alternative Education Student

Do you feel you need a semester to clarify your educational path ? Or that feel you need a place that will offer you a wide range of self empowerment activities and workshops to develop your authentic self and align your values with your daily habits, sharpen your vision and start taking action for social or environmental change ? Riseglobe’s program may just be fitted for you !

Evolve your education experience…

Technology now enables education to happen at any time, any place and anywhere. This means the environment we choose to study is now in our hands. No need to stay studying in between 4 walls! Imagine studying in the jungle with the sound of the bird singing, monkeys jumping around, crashing waves within eye sight with the peacefulness of the green nature surrounding: we can now choose the place where we want to develop our educational knowledge.

Online platforms

Online education also allows the pursuit of the knowledge you want to learn. You may choose the classes that really interest you! Our team will support you through your choice of e-learning. A large variety of online learning platform options are available:

Your Education

We believe there is no one ideal education but rather one different best fitting every students. This being said, it’s about finding what knowledge, way of learning or platform is optimal for your growth.

The working environment has evolved. Global challenges have evolved. Society’s vision has evolved. Education? It has stayed the same for decennies. Riseglobe is answering this issue. Let’s evolve our educational experience. No need anymore to stop your education in order to set free from society’s pre written path. You can be intellectual, adventurer and pursuing a personal growth path all at the same time. We have the choice. You can slow down your education and get to know yourself better. You can fast track your education and set free. There is no limit when you break down society’s norms.


Possible educational outcomes:

  • Gain University’s credits for the completion of a semester
  • Complete certification/course from your chosen online platform
  • Udemy’s business platform courses completion accreditation


Life skills outcomes:

  • Rise Semester certification
  • Professional skill set development
  • Leadership/entrepreneurship
  • Portuguese
  • Network of inspiring learners
  • Cultural immersion
  • Social/ environmental impact
  • Personal Development
  • Social impact
  • Optimal nurtition

Program Details

Big Changes start with bold decisions. Reserve your spot now!


5 easy steps to live a Real Innovating Social Education

  1. Discover our program. Contact us if you have any questions. contact@riseglobe.org
  2. Apply by filling out our application form. We will email you back within 48 hours.
  3. Save your spot. All that is required is one easy deposit of $500.
  4. Get ready. We give you all the support you need for the preparation of your trip. Together we will organise your optimal online education.
  5. Fly to Brazil: Pack your bags, we are waiting for you on our tropical island in Brazil

Admission Requirements

In order to join Rise Semester, students must:

  • Have completed their high school diploma, A Levels or equivalent
  • Be enrolled in or seeking to be enrolled in some form of online studies (university or non-university) – Premium Rise Semester
  • No criminal records
  • Eligible for a tourist visa valid for a minimum of 3 months
  • Completed Rise Semester application


90 Days of full immersion

From September 3rd to December 3th, 2018


Rosemary Dream, Barra da Lagoa,

Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil.

How Much?

All Inclusive (accommodation, meals and activities)

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