Heart Attack – Reservation Deposit

Heart Attack – Reservation Deposit


You will be immersed in a 6 step experimental learning and guided self-developed process. All providing you with the awareness and capabilities you need to accomplish any goal.

Heart Attack is a month long course that gives you the opportunity to transform your personal limits into strengths and maximize your full potential. The aim is to give you practical tools and direction to achieve your optimal way of life, whatever that is uniquely for you. Using our 6 phase process you will experience yourself in a totally new way, removing layers of unconscious conditioning and uncover parts of yourself you never knew existed. We do this through experiential learning, group empowerment and self-development as we know that book knowledge can only take us so far.

It is these experiences within our safe, supportive environment which will raise your self-awareness, awaken to self-love and empower you with the capabilities to accomplish any goal. The process can help you to live in closer alignment to who you really are and help you find the balance you’ve been looking for. The Rosemary Dream Team act as your personal coaches, challengers and supporters, there to guide and grow with you. Heart Attack can be the most extraordinary month you could ever imagine… the choice is yours.


Terms and Conditions

If you need to cancel your program purchase, please do so early. Late cancellations may make it difficult to give someone else the opportunity to attend. Once you have paid your initial deposit of $500, this will reserve your spot in the program. This inital $500 deposit will go towards the cost of the program. The remainder of the program cost can be accepted at anytime before the program and will be due upon arrival. You will have the option to receive a refund within the first 30 days of your purchase of the initial deposit or the total amount if you chose to pay in full. After 30 days of purchase or after March 18, 2018 cancellation fees will apply and the deposit fee will be non refundable.
If you cancel your reservation before March 18, 2018 at midnight  and within 30 days of purchase we will refund all fees paid minus any applicable administrative charges.

Please note that:

  • The same policies apply to full and part-time attendees.
  • Anyone leaving the retreat early for anything other than a qualified emergency (medical emergency or a death in the family) will not receive any refund.
  • If someone leaves early due to a qualified emergency (medical emergency or a death in the family), we will refund the days that are not attended proportionately minus the $150 cancellation fee and the applicable administrative charges.


My HEART ATTACK experience. Wow, where do I ever begin. It was many laughters, tears, adventures, challenges, hugs, beautiful conversations, healthy meals, crazy dances, monkey movements, rewilding moments, meditations, deep discussions, workshops… and now 8 month later I cannot even express how much this experience has changed my life. The experiences inspired me, challenged me, put me out of my comfort zone and made me WAKE UP- my heart is wide open and there are no excuses anymore but to be true to myself and my values and to live my life and fulfill my purpose with full determination.

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