Personal Growth Retreats and Programs in Brazil

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Challenge yourself, push your limits and discover a new version of yourself. Welcome to Rosemary Programs!

To experience our way of life in its full essence, we have created programs that will give you the opportunity to dive into our method through experiential learning. We create a space for you to delve into personal growth, develop invaluable life tools and re-experience living in an entirely new way. Are you ready?


Life Changing Retreat

Heart Attack

Duration: 30 days

Next Dates: April 21st, 2019

Heart Attack is our most intense program. During a month long course you will get the tools, understanding and practical experience to transform yourself and your life into something you absolutely love.

It is recommended for people that want to challenge themselves and take their lives to the next level, gaining the clarity, ability, and confidence to clearly define and shape the outcome of your life.


Mindfulness Retreat

Stopping the World

Duration: 8 days

Next Dates: June 24th – July 1st, 2019

Stopping The World is your chance to devote a week to  deepen your practice of mindfulness, reconnect to yourself and discover your inner power!

An experience of deep relaxation, self-clarity and optimal health, for people who are interested in upgrading their quality of life to the next level. It’s designed to to enable people to combat stress, fatigue, meaninglessness, connection and ill-health.