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Online Yoga Series: Modern Human

Online Yoga Series: Modern Human


Welcome to our series of online Yoga classes here at Rosemary Dream! We’re so happy to invite you to share your practice with us.

Here at our community in Brazil we have a special philosophy that we live by called The Rosemary Method. We use the 3 pillars of MONK, MONKEY & MODERN HUMAN, finding balance between all 3 to live our own personal optimal way of life. Read more about the method here.

In this week’s video we’re exploring the MODERN HUMAN which is about our social environment, taking action, goal setting and authentically connecting and communicating with others in our global community. This yoga flow invites you to connect to your internal fire and build strength.

In this Yoga series, we’re going to embody all three pillars to give you a taste of the Rosemary Method with one video for each! So hop on your mat and let’s get started.

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