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Meet the Facilitators Behind Our Life Changing Retreats!

Meet the Facilitators Behind Our Life Changing Retreats!

How many people can say they have dedicated 14 hours a day for 30 days to work on their own personal growth?! It’s a rare opportunity for an intense, challenging and life changing experience called the Heart Attack program. As well as this crazy, indescribable adventure, Rosemary Dream also hosts a week long retreat called Stopping the World, all about taking time out of our busy lives to check in with ourselves, rejuvenate and restore. Both retreats help participants to learn techniques to be balanced and energised back at home.

So who on earth is behind these incredibly unusual programs?

Arun is a our insightful coach, facilitator and director of empowerment. He studied psychology at undergraduate level and occupational psychology as a masters and absolutely loves to help people achieve their goals.

Bishop is our sparkling facilitator and programs manager who leads the mindfulness and meditation strands of the programs here. She helps guide people through their own unique process during the retreats by holding space, leading workshops and mentoring. She is deeply passionate about helping others to live aligned with their values.

Together, they craft the courses which takes a lot of organisation behind the scenes so that once the participants arrive, everything is taken care of and our facilitators can be really present. Arun and Bishop are both super energetic and playful yet serious and calm with a grounding presence when needed. They manage to balance between these different qualities to hold a space that is safe, nurturing and also challenging enough to create personal transformation .

Bishop on mindfulness and community

“We incorporate mindfulness into everything we do in the programs and also into everything we do in life!

I mentor people to help them get into a state where they can look at the challenges they face in life with more of an accepting and open mindset, changing the relationship with the struggles they may face.

Part of that is we allow people to really feel all of their feelings. A lot of the time we see people coming here, myself included, unconsciously blocking ourselves from feeling a certain way because it’s unpleasant and we don’t want to feel that way. But ironically that also blocks us from feeling the feelings that we do want to feel.

One of the really special things about Rosemary is our community. This makes it different to other retreats and programs. The community here brings a different feeling. It helps people to feel completely supported. When you’re going through a process that’s really intense and you’re facing things in your life that you may not have faced before its so important to feel that sense of ‘I’m not alone. I feel safe and not judged. I feel accepted and I know it’s going to be okay.’

Rosemary has that feeling which comes from the fact that we have a community of people that live here all year round and work through things together. Having that supportive environment naturally enables us to guide people through their own personal experiences on our programs.”

Arun on mindfulness and personal growth

“For me, mindfulness means being aware in a curious and investigative way so that we are able to change where needed or react better to ourselves or the world.

We all have one life. We can buy into ideas of how we think our lives are supposed to go like the 9-5 job that maybe we don’t really like or what we think is expected of us. We can settle for mediocracy. But there is so much we can do to maximise life, to feel all the things we really want to feel. These things are not out of reach, they’re not so far away. There are things you can do at home to improve the way you live. At the end, that’s what counts, to feel like you’ve lived a fulfilled, rich and joyous life.

My real aim in the programs is to be able to help people navigate the world, reality, their own minds and their feelings, more effectively in a way that helps them to be more themselves so they can live the life they really want to live. Whether it’s romantic relationships, family, how you relate to yourself, we explore the tools and skills needed to be able to achieve your dreams, goals and aspirations.

We help people to bridge the gap between where they are and where they would like to be in a very simple, practical and enjoyable way.

Everybody knows we’re here for personal growth so anything that shows up is not denied or ignored, it’s all seen as something to deal with, move through, resolve and let go.”

What Heart Attack participants have to say:


“Heart Attack was an adventure that pushed my limits, opened my eyes and my heart. It helped me to see the man I truly am and to be so damn proud of that man. I’ve learned to fully rely on myself, I have all the answers and I am stronger and more resilient. I know I can achieve anything I put my mind to!”






“This month has been the most transformative experience of my life. I never thought Heart Attack would take me so deeply into myself. I’ve overcome so many fears and limiting beliefs and I have the clarity and confidence to achieve anything I want in this life.”







“I am in a place in my life I wouldn’t have dreamed of two years ago: creating and testing a self-directed and experiential learning system that aligns my passion for growth, adventure, travel and purpose. Two years ago when joining Rosemary however I remember being kept a prisoner of fixed beliefs about a certain type of life I thought I needed to follow. Heart Attack was an important part of my process of deconstructing and challenging these views and ideas that been rooted within me for so many years. Today, I am finally adventuring myself on a path that feels real, authentic and above all created by and for myself!”



Portraits of Bishop and Arun by Bruna Brandao

Written by Jasmine Sara

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