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Living the Rosemary Way of Life in the city

Living the Rosemary Way of Life in the city

A reminder from rosemary rocket, Iva, that your true Rosemary experience is just beginning when you leave, with you living it exactly where you are.

You had your Rosemary experience in one of the most heavenly place on Earth, fresh air, long beaches, ocean, nature and jungle. You were surrounded by mindful and growth oriented people with smiles on their faces. Now you’ve come back to your city, traffic jams, fast food around every corner, people trapped in the net of not being enough, lot’s of escaping and seeing a lot of unhealthy habits around you.

You, with your new lifestyle, may feel a bit different, but don’t worry, just let yourself process and see what you have actually learned on your travel, what has changed. Let yourself be tested.

At the end you will see what really feels good for you and be ok with others choosing their way of life too. In case you need some extra tips and ideas for connecting back to the Rosemary way of life, from wherever you are in the world, here are my suggestions:


You can make your home warm and simple. You saw how a home doesn’t have to be perfect like from an interior design magazine. Things can be made out of recycled materials and you can design it your way, adapted to your needs. Maybe less furniture, more space, or more plants, or some wall art or amazing quotes on your walls, or making your values visible by adding some photographs that will remind you everyday of who you are and what you believe in. Also, you can invent things that will be special only for your home, like a mushroom chair, or hammock bed, or sand in your bathroom…go crazy, go wild, it’s one life.

You can also influence you working space by adding some nice quotes, making a standing working space or asking for a space to put your yoga mat and do some yoga during your breaks.


You can make a little space for exercising in your living room, so you don’t have to rush to the gym before work, but you can still do your morning exercises at home and that way have more time for mindful morning.

There are many different communities or organisations, clubs where you can train dancing, capoeira, yoga, parkour, martial arts etc. Join them, meet some new people who will motivate you to stay strong and active.

Join a hiking club and go for nature trips every weekend. Get some fresh air and you will be able to not get overwhelmed by city crowds and smog during the week.

Also during week try to find some outdoor place where you can run or just take a walk, even if it’s not so green, just being outside, taking a 10 min walk will boost up your state of being.


There’s so much joy and fun in latin american music, why not introduce this to your current surroundings? Visit a latin american dancing club, or attend evening events. Just going for Zumba class is so much fun and you can express your liberated moves after so much ecstatic dancing at Rosemary!

Try learning to play an instrument or make your own and express your soul like never before.

Magic moments

In Rosemary you have experienced all kinds of activities where you can share magic moments with wonderful people around you. So, why not organise Rosemary dinner at your home, or a singing evening, or a connection workshop, maybe a mandala workshop? You know how it goes: good food, good music, setting intentions, arranging space, incense, candles, decoration, simple things that will bring unforgettable, abundant and rich moments.


Eating a healthy breakfast is easy and quick. During the night you can leave your oats to soak and all you have to do in morning is to chop fresh fruit and add some dry fruits or some nuts and a bit of cinnamon or maca powder.

You can also learn how to organise to cook for the whole week and freeze food and have a healthy base so that when you come home hungry you don’t fall for quick solutions, but have a concrete full meal everyday.


You saw that Rosemary is not only about enjoyment of life. You go deep in yourself and explore all the things that are causing conflict inside you. Coming back to your city means also to face your family and friends, partner or work colleagues. There can be triggers that can awake different emotions that you don’t want to see or feel. You can choose your old way of communicating, but you can also dare to set boundaries, make deeper connections, forgive or ask forgiveness, or just be open about your feelings. it will maybe make some fire in your life, but for sure after some time you will feel lighter because you’ve made a step towards living according to your values.


Life doesn’t need to be complicated. At Rosemary you probably learnt about simplicity. Maybe back at home you’re in a good mood then suddenly hear a lot of people complaining about their life and it makes you want to scream! You might want to make them do ecstatic dance and gratitude meditation, or death meditation, but soon you’ll realise that you have discovered something new for yourself that not everybody needs to know or realise. This experience is for you and to improve your life, for you to feel better and if others want to feel how they feel it’s their choice, the same way yours is yours. Each to their own.

Lighting light

You have to know that not all people dare to do experience what you did, so you need to know that you carry something special that nobody can take away. You can show it to others and give, through your own way being the light, showing people that they are enough and accept them as they are. If you ever fall into doubting yourself just remember that this lifestyle is what has changed your life and it works for you. It doesn’t mean it will work for others, but don’t get caught up by you being minority, remember, there are a lot of people living the way you live. They are just spread all around the world!

City crowd

Rosemary is about using what you have and making magic out of it. So if you considered driving in public transportation is heavy duty, think twice, stay present, open, and observe magic there. You can experience profound human moments in there. Observe, see how people move, how they talk, what they say. You will notice colours, moves, gestures, people being kind to each other, people helping each other, caring, kissing, dancing, having fun.

Not all the city people are zombies who work from 9-5, hate their jobs, husbands , wifes and get drunk on weekends. Try putting some epic soundtrack in your earphones and observe how people move and interact, than imagine yourself like a movie character, create a story about where you are you going and create stories about all the people around you. It’s so much fun!

Taking responsibility

You will hear some of your colleagues complaining about their boss, people complaining about all kinds of things. Know we can make a change, so take it on you, go talk with your boss, ask for different conditions. The easiest thing to do is complain and notice only things that are not functioning, but you have learned in Rosemary that it’s all about taking responsibility and trying fearlessly, being your own authority, trusting your opinions and thinking with your own head.

New opportunities and going for your dream

Don’t get surprised if new opportunities just keep coming your way. Why? Cause you are sending different vibes to the world, you have more courage and boldness and nothing can stop you. You go towards your dreams and live them.

The journey didn’t stop with you leaving Rosemary, it has just begun, and all the things that used to be a problem for you or an obstacle, now you see opportunities. That’s the Rosemary fearless mindset of growth that you have developed. No complaining, no excuses, just you finding a way towards everything you want to accomplish, try, do, make…everything. Shamelessly being a leader of your own incredible movement.

Written by Iva Santini

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