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I Feel Most Connected to Food and Holistic Health

I Feel Most Connected to Food and Holistic Health


Kitchen Manager.

Roberta is from Sao Paulo and has been at Rosemary for about 2 years. She has studied Ayurveda and learnt a lot about food growing up so was keen to bring this knowledge to the kitchen at Rosemary, which she felt was aligned with her own values. She’s passionate about healthy eating and sourcing local, sustainable food. Anyone who has eaten here at Rosemary Dream will know just how delicious and nutritious Roberta’s cooking is. Her food is her pride and joy. It’s the way that she takes care of herself and others!




What one thing do you do every day or most days for your own wellbeing?
My morning routine is something I really respect. When I wake up the first thing I do is scrape my tongue and remove all the toxins. I drink lukewarm water, exercise a little, sometimes yoga, sometimes a work out. Then I have my breakfast.

And for the wellbeing of others or your community?
I care about what food comes into Rosemary, I am selective. I like to meet the people who produce our food, to know the environmental impact of the production. I like to source local, healthy, fresh food. I help to provide the best food in the most healthy way.

When you were younger what did you imagine that you would do when you grew up?
I went many different ways. I studied maths, economy, psychology, lot’s of different courses. I grew up in a big family where we cooked for a lot of people and in the end I realised I feel most connected to food and holistic health.

What inspires you to live your optimal way of life?
When I see lives change, when I see the impact I can create. When people see the way I live or do things, they ask many questions and they try and experience these things for themselves. I believe in teaching by example.

What makes you feel connected to nature?
My body. I have physical awareness and when I work with my body I can connect and be really present. When I exchange energy with people and give love, I can feel that the environment helps me to do that.

Which one book has most influenced the way that you live?
The 7 Laws of Success.

Is there one thing that you could never travel without?
My essential oils, my knives and my gemstones.

What are you grateful for today?
To breathe.

Tell me something you are proud of:
How easily I learn things and connect deeply with people.

Sum up your experience of Rosemary in three words:
Healthy. Paradise. Challenge.

Written by Jasmine Sara
Photography by Bruna Brandão

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