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The Key in Life is to Bring Value to Others

“The Key in Life is to Bring Value to Others”


PR / Programs Helper.

Karina is from Virginia, in the USA. She decided to join the 3 month exchange here after doing the Heart Attack program. She had already fallen in love with the place after a previous visit so she packed extra before setting off for Heart Attack as she had an inkling that she’d definitely want to stay longer!



What one thing do you do every day or most days for your own wellbeing?
I get up at 6.30 every morning, I wake up to the birds in the jungle. I’m sleeping in a tent. I meditate for around 20 minutes and then I do a short Yoga flow. I go and jump in the ocean, sometimes I’ll go for a run but the key thing is jumping in the ocean. I used to have a huge fear of the ocean before I came here and I decided here to make a conscious effort everyday to just get outside of my comfort zone. Now I love the ocean.

And for the wellbeing of others or your community?
Being the best version of myself and being kind to others. I always make a conscious effort to be kind in an authentic way. If I’m having a bad day I don’t pretend that I’m all happy but I also don’t put it out on other people.

When you were younger what did you imagine that you would do when you grew up?
I imagined that I’d be an actress. That’s still in the future for me I think, I’ve come to realise it’s not just so much about wanting to be an actress as wanting to be a performer; whether it’s public speaking or facilitating or teaching classes. Something where I’m providing value for people.

What inspires you to live your optimal way of life?
By me being the best version of myself and doing things that bring happiness to me I feel like other people can see it or relate to it and it inspires them as well. The key thing in life is to bring value to others but to be able to do that you need to bring value to yourself, stay true to yourself and your core and live aligned with your own values.

What makes you feel connected to nature?
It’s crazy because I never used to be connected to nature. Walking around barefoot just wasn’t a thing for me but ever since I’ve been here at Rosemary everything has changed. I look at everything as if it has this divine soul inside, I look at everything with reverence. Everything is alive and beautiful and has some sort of value.

Which one book has most influenced the way that you live?
The Four Agreements, it’s a simple book, it’s short and to the point. The four agreements are be impeccable with your word, don’t take anything personally, don’t make assumptions and always do your best. I think it’s about always looking at everything with love, being understanding. I’d definitely recommend everyone to read that book.

Is there one thing that you could never travel without?
My kindle so I can always have an assortment of books to be able to read without wifi or taking up a lot of space in my bag.

What are you grateful for today?
The ability to move my body. I think for so long I stopped appreciating my body and all that it does for me. Working out used to be for the wrong reasons, I never took the time to fuel my body correctly. Now I love the person that I am and the body that I have. There’s so much to be grateful for here.

Tell me something you are proud of:
Being able to really connect with this feminine side of myself. For so long I’ve been trying out this masculine side of myself, like I need to be successful, make lots of money, I don’t need anybody etc. But then I just had a change of perspective and thought wow, you know what’s incredible? Feminine power, nurturing, intimate, compassionate. It made me see things don’t have to be so intense, you don’t have to fight life. I learnt a lot about that on the Heart Attack Program.

Sum up your experience of Rosemary in three words:
Empowering. Transformative. Love.

Written by Jasmine Sara

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