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I Love to Share my Knowledge of Yoga

“I Love to Share my Knowledge of Yoga”


Yoga Teacher / Editor  & Writer / Social Media Manager.

Jasmine is from Newcastle, in the UK, and spent 2 years living in Réunion Island. She’s on the 3 month community exchange program at Rosemary and was brought here by the feeling that life is supposed to be lived in community, closer to nature and connecting with others. She loves teaching Yoga to international groups of people from all around the world, especially with the incredible view we have here at Rosemary!



What one thing do you do every day or most days for your own wellbeing?
Yoga, which can take many different forms. My practice changes everyday depending on my needs. Sometimes it might be a dynamic challenging flow, another day it could be a slow restorative flow or a meditation.

And for the wellbeing of others or your community?
I love to share my knowledge of Yoga and also just to listen carefully to people. I think it’s really important that everyone feels heard and like they matter.

When you were younger what did you imagine that you would do when you grew up?
I wanted to be a writer and own a horse sanctuary. I also wanted to be a singer. I do sing now but only really in the shower or chanting mantras as part of my Yoga practice. I write all the time so that hasn’t changed!

What inspires you to live your optimal way of life?
Seeing other people overcome challenges and seeing how many people in the world are working hard to create a better world really inspires me to work towards this too.

What makes you feel connected to nature?
Spending time outside, swimming in the sea, doing Yoga or meditation in the forest. I love spending days hiking. Me and my dad did a 4 day hike in England and I feel like everything slows down and you can experience time in a totally different way when spending days walking.

Which one book has most influenced the way that you live?
So many books it’s impossible to pick one! But one that I always have by my side and has really informed the way I live is Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

Is there one thing that you could never travel without?
My journal. In my dad’s attic there’s a huge suitcase overbrimming with old diaries, I’ve kept journals for like 20 years.

What are you grateful for today?
Feeling like I’m making a real contribution to positive projects in the world and knowing I’m not alone. There are so many inspiring people here and all over the world, I’m grateful for each and everyone of them, whether it’s someone leading a campaign for women’s rights or the people helping to keep the cities clean by emptying everyone’s bins.

Tell me something you are proud of:
Sleeping alone in the forest in the dark here even though I have always had a huge fear of the dark. That was a real challenge for me.

Sum up your experience of Rosemary in three words:
Connected. Grateful. Inspired.

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