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Interviewing Our Dream Team: Bishop

Interviewing Our Dream Team


Programs Manager / Facilitator.

Bishop is from North Carolina in the USA. She’s been at Rosemary for 13 months. From the minute she walked in the door she had a familiar feeling that she’d known these people all her life. She knew that these were the people she wanted to surround herself with and work with. Bishop is inspired by their motivation, playfulness and living life aligned with their values, amongst many other qualities!


What one thing do you do every day or most days for your own wellbeing?
Meditation and getting in the water.

And for the wellbeing of others or your community?
When I’m not working or focused on what’s going on with the programs I make sure to check in with people, ask them how they are and holding a space for people to feel like they can say anything and feel heard. There’s so much going on here so it’s really important that people feel they have a space to open up to share and feel safe.

When you were younger what did you imagine that you would do when you grew up?
President of the United States.

What inspires you to live your optimal way of life?
The idea of the impermanence of everything in life and of life itself. My life could end tomorrow. We don’t know how long we have so why not live it optimally and joyfully?

What makes you feel connected to nature?
First thing that comes to my mind is water, the ocean.

Which one book has most influenced the way that you live?
If I had to choose one, I’d say The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself.

Is there one thing that you could never travel without?

What are you grateful for today?
My freedom to express myself in the way I want to and freedom to work on the things I actually love and I want to work on. I know so many people don’t feel like they have that freedom and that time.

Tell me something you are proud of:
Of myself and the relationship I have with myself. I look back and realise it wasn’t always this positive and confident, who knows tomorrow that might change but as of now I feel very proud of not the things I’ve accomplished but this feeling I have in myself. I really genuinely can say I love myself and I wasn’t always able to say that in the past.

Sum up your experience of Rosemary in three words:
Alive. Ridiculous. Love.

Written by Jasmine Sara

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