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I Love to Help People Achieve their Goals

“I Love to Help People Achieve their Goals”


Programs Manager / Coach / Facilitator.

Arun is from Horsham in the UK. He’s been at Rosemary since the very beginning and helped out before it officially opened 2 years ago. He now coaches on the Heart Attack program and has a background in psychology studies. Arun first heard about Rosemary from a friend and came to volunteer. He was attracted to Rosemary’s hippie philosophy combined with a business mindset. He likes to be productive and successful in a way that helps others and has a social impact.


What one thing do you do every day or most days for your own wellbeing?
My morning routine which involves a bunch of stuff that I love to do: wake up, brush teeth, wash face, make my tea, 5 minute journal, exercise, swim in the river, come back and have eggs and I’m ready for the day!

And for the wellbeing of others or your community?
I love to help people achieve their goals. I try to check in with people and see how they’re getting on, see if there’s anything I can do to support them, whether that’s lending an ear or being someone they can bounce ideas off.

When you were younger what did you imagine that you would do when you grew up?
I didn’t really have an idea at all. I was getting some bad grades at college in my first year and my dad took me to the RAF to sit down and talk to them. They realised I probably wasn’t so serious about being a pilot. I didn’t think much about what I wanted to be when I was younger, I was busy climbing trees and grazing my knee.

What inspires you to live your optimal way of life?
The feeling. I believe everyone does something for a feeling, generally speaking we want to move towards feeling joyful, fulfilled and content. Everyone loves that feeling of maximising their potential, feeling connected and like things are going great!

What makes you feel connected to nature?
Time spent without an agenda. Living like a cat you know? If a cat is tired the cat will sleep, if a cat is hungry, the cat will eat, if it wants to play it will play. I also feel connected to nature when I’m just being still.

Which one book has most influenced the way that you live?
The Motivation Manifesto, it’s like the bible of Rosemary! It’s empowering, sensational and well written and is about reclaiming your personal freedom.

Is there one thing that you could never travel without?
I’m not very attached to things, all you need is you.

What are you grateful for today?
For all the challenges that I’m being granted now. I was thinking today if you’re working out you have to get to the point where you feel a little bit weak for you to then be stronger. That’s how we work, you have to go outside your comfort zone to grow into something more.

Tell me something you are proud of:
My sister. I think she’s amazing, she’s such a superstar and I admire her so much. She’s a person I want everyone to meet. I’m super proud of her.

Sum up your experience of Rosemary in three words:
Ridiculous. Furious growth. Love.

Written by Jasmine Sara
Photography by Bruna Brandão

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