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How I Learned to Do What I Love at Rosemary Dream

How I Learned to Do What I Love at Rosemary Dream

Rosemary rocket Jeff Kazmierczak reflects on his time here and how it provided the optimal conditions for personal and professional growth.

I remember sitting on the beach in Barra da Lagoa at the end of my time at Rosemary thinking “I can’t believe I’m the same person I was when I first came here”. I had first come to Florianopolis, and to that beach, “Prainha” four months ago while on a trip with some Chilean friends, and decided to apply to stay at Rosemary.

I did a few different fun jobs like helping in the kitchen and working the front desk at Reception, but being in a positive, active community like Rosemary and attending Sunrise morning activities and other workshops, I started to value other skills and talents I already have and decided to try leading activities. Being in a situation where I had deliberately taken time to enjoy myself and focus on myself helped me make the most of my time.

In the years before discovering Rosemary I had studied Massage Therapy in the USA, Thai Massage in Quebec and Thailand, had spent a month at a Yoga Teacher Training in Brazil, and had studied Reiki. I loved learning new things and each course was an amazing experience, but the problem was that I rarely put the skills in to practice. Without the right setting and environment, it can be easy to fall back in to a routine and back in the flow of everyday life. I enjoyed my life and my job back home; it was easy to always delay putting in the effort to make a major change. You tell yourself that “eventually” you’ll do it.

Living Rosemary Values of Full Expression and Personal Growth

At Rosemary, my attitude started to change. Being around so many people with beautiful, loving attitudes who wanted to share their time, talents, and company, I also wanted to share what I could. When I started thinking about it, I briefly fell into the usual “eventually” blockage. Friends asked me when I would start giving yoga classes and I’d say “I’ll practice a little first”, “next week”, or things like that.

Luckily, Rosemary is not that kind of place. Friends assured me and supported me and before I knew it I was giving my first yoga class and it was beautiful. Thinking back now, there was no way for it to not be beautiful; a group of loving, supportive, open-minded people together on a deck with incredible views of the ocean and mountains, practicing yoga together. As soon as I started I flourished. I set up a beautiful massage space and my appointments quickly filled, I started offering regular yoga classes, and I even had sunrise yoga on a beach (literally my dream).

Do What You Love

One morning I was sitting next to a Dreamer who was on a video call with her sister in Canada and she said “This is my friend, he’s a Massage Therapist and a Yoga Instructor”, and it took me a second for the feeling to set in that she was talking about ME. For so long, in my mind, I had been a person who had done massage school, a person who went to a yoga teacher training.

I had finally made the transition to DOING those things, BEING these professions, and it was just a matter of trusting myself, getting over limiting beliefs, and doing it. Once during my time at Rosemary when I was talking about the future and I said I “would become…”, and my best friend there stopped me and said “you already are”. He said “People see the joy you have doing what you love, you already are all of these things.”

The most important lesson I learned at Rosemary was that when we hear the common advice “Do what you love”, the emphasis is on the DO. It’s good to think about or dream about or study about what you love, it’s good to plan to do what you love, but the most important thing is to just start doing it and living it. Once you start, you might surprise yourself with how quickly you flourish and start living your dream.

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