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My Heart Attack Experience

My Heart Attack Experience

Two months ago, after travelling around the world for two years, I arrived on the magical island of Florianopolis and participated in the first 1 month Heart Attack program at Rosemary Dream.

I felt like I had stepped into the biggest playground the world could possibly offer me. It was a dream location on my bucket list, with a community that was just as crazy as it was loving. Every day during the 1 month program we had a set of activities, each presenting a new challenge to grow. It seemed that the only requirement would be authenticity.

Using my inner strength with one of our coaches Yotam during the survival experience.

I started travelling at the age of 18. I learned a lot during my travels; many skills, values, new life lessons and much more. I knew a lot about myself, and as time went by, about the world. I knew every step I needed to take to become a better person and I even developed a draft of a social project in order to make the world a better place. Although I had all this knowledge, there was no action taken. My words didn’t fit my actions.I walked in Rosemary and met so many inspiring people who were actually taking action. They were DOERS. You would understand what values they lived through only by observing.

Imagine how much it could bring to the world if everyone had the chance to pass through Rosemary! A world where people have goals and values. A world with purpose. That is Rosemary. We seek inside, and then go after what we want with all our heart. I have read a lot about people taking this path of self-improvement after surviving a difficult experience. It could be cancer, an accident or an important person passing away. Something that changed their perception about everything, and now, today, they are mindful of every moment they live. They love every second and use every minute to grow as a person. They’ve connected to their heart and have no more desire than simply being happy. A life where ego doesn’t lead you, purpose does. Your integrity matters more than any accomplishment. Authenticity is more important than your social status. Love is more precious than money. Speaking the truth is more valuable than a thousand likes.

A profound lesson I learnt here was that everything you want from the core of your heart is POSSIBLE. I realised that from now on there would be no justification for not accomplishing my dreams.

In the one month I invested there, I could easily say that I learned more about myself and the world than in my last two years of travelling.

Connection workshop and morning hike from the Rosemary land.

The lesson I took from Rosemary was the importance of bringing thoughts into action. If you don’t, everything you’ve learned is only words. Let’s bring all these words alive and live a life of purpose. It all starts by us taking action today.

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