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The One Quality You Need to Live An Empowered Life

The One Quality You Need to Live An Empowered Life

Bishop lived with us for 18 months as part of our empowerment team. Here she reflects on how bravery is an integral part of taking responsibility for yourself and showing up every single day, leading to an empowered way of life.

Being Brave In a Fear Driven Society

Empowerment; we toss this word around a lot. Empower others to live their life, empower women, empower men, empower kids, empower the world, and so on. It’s a word I myself notice has become part of my daily rhetoric.

It’s a word that when I see it in a company mission statement, as a part of someone’s branding or when I personally use it, it just gives off this strong meaningful positive feeling to me. But with a word that I have used daily for the last 18 months working at an “Empowerment Center”, it wasn’t until very recently I stopped to ask myself what this word actually means to me.

Through a lot of my own reflection on living in Rosemary Dream Empowerment center, focusing on empowering others (if there is such a thing) and mainly myself, I have come to understand that the ultimate form of empowerment is the willingness to be brave in this fear driven society we live in. A world where when we turn on the TV to watch “the news” we see a political war and everyone playing the blame game, a world that puts up walls to keep people from entering, and a world where mass media, big pharma, insurance companies, and politicians are paid billions to instill fear into people because that kind of marketing works I suppose. It’s not all of the political world’s fault though. Our brains are hard wired to respond to fear above anything else.

What it Means to be Brave in the Modern World

I’m particularly interested in how we can get more people being brave and empowering one another where it matters most. Being brave is about you (and by you I mean me). It’s about the willingness to face yourself, to look in the mirror everyday and say this one, this day, is ON ME! It’s about exploring your own deepest fears and insecurities and asking yourself better questions continuing to dig deeper within your own stuff instead of hiding from it or blaming others.

Being brave is when you choose to forgive someone who you feel deeply hurt by and show them love anyway. It’s about dropping all ideas and stories you have of yourself, who you think you are and greeting each situation with an honest, open heart and mind.

Being brave is meeting the same challenges and making the same mistakes over and over and over again and choosing to show yourself compassion and kindness. It’s about admitting when you’ve messed up, letting go of the need to be ‘right’, saying things you don’t feel like saying, doing things you don’t feel like doing as uncomfortable as it is, and speaking up regardless because it’s honest and authentic to who you are.

Being brave is about listening to your gut and trusting yourself when everyone around you is telling you to go the other direction. It’s about jumping far before you’re ready and its all perfect.

Being brave is looking for what you can be grateful for in the most painful and shittiest of situations, asking for help when you need it, and ultimately showing up for yourself again and again even if some days you don’t exactly like what you see. It’s about showing up to the present moment with a willingness to reveal all of yourself, the good, the bad and the ugly, because this is what makes us perfect.

When you decide to take responsibility for YOUR LIFE,



It starts with you and it starts with me not tomorrow, not next week, but today. What can we do in this beautiful world of ours that is constantly instilling us all with fear? We can be brave anyway, and help one another be brave together. All aboard the brave ship! What can you do to be brave today?

Be brave enough to be who you really are and surround yourself with people who support this because your life and this world depends on it.

Written by Bishop Reid.

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