the program

wake up

are you really happy or really just comfortable?

8 days to a new life perspective

Did you ever have an ‘Aha!’ moment where you saw life through different eyes
and it allowed you to think clearer, feel lighter and be more confident?

WAKE UP is our journey to you give life a second chance
and be able to experience a new way of living.

Combining wildlife, simplicity and community living,
we designed activities in our routines to you experience self-development, personal beliefs
and build awareness for a healthier and more conscious and joy life-style.

We want every human being erupting into existence.
Exploring and living what truly make you happy.

what will you experience here

healthy way of life

One of the most basic and misunderstood aspects of our well-being is how we should manage our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. From buddhist practice and philosophy to leading psychology and science, you’ll learn and practice the tools and techniques you need to keep you feeling energized, clear minded and ready to take on your challenges. Focusing on what we think are the main pillars of health; sleep, nutrition, exercise and mindfulness, you’ll be shaping your daily habits and natural tendencies, so that wherever you are in the world, you’ll feel energized throughout the day.

connection to nature and wholesome living

Surrounded by subtropical forest, rivers, ocean, mountains, lake and sea makes for the idealistic setting to submerge into tranquility and escape your usual scenes. We love to give the gift of simple living by reconnecting to nature and increasing self-care. We’ll be taking you past your occasional walk, to experience nature in a very new and personal way.

cultural experience

2 days of silence and detox surrounded by nature with th support of the team closing with a temazcal ceremony.

psychology, the psyche and self-knowledge

In this theme we explore the inner working of your mind. We have trained psychologists to provide workshops to get you comfortable with handling stress and creating scientifically validated preventative strategies for you to take home and use in your daily life. We will share with you what we know about how you can be your own coach, uncover and change your limiting beliefs, be mindful and aware.

personal empowerment program
connection to self and others

From the longest study of happiness, came an extremely important finding: “Good relationships keep us happier and healthier” We uncover the science of what makes good relationships happen and how to connect deeply with your family, friends and strangers quickly and authentically using verbal and non-verbal communication. As well as this, we will be exploring the idea of self-love and how to develop your self-esteem, trust and empathy.

the journey


start breaking barries and creating resonance


8 days immersive in Florianópolis


tools to embody this experience in your daily life

what is included

nutrition & detox

You will have breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked for you everyday by our in-house chefs. We can cater for special dietary requirements, just us know!


To maximise your experience we recommend you come for one night before and one night after the program, which is a gift for you as part of the price. Standard accommodation will be in a shared room with other participants. Private rooms available upon request.


We've made a combination of our most important, useful and transformational workshops and activities to provide participants with deep relaxation, personal aligment and the experience, knowlegde and motivation to create immediate and significant change on their return home.

2 day silence detox

You will spend time in silence surrounded by sub-tropical forest, whilst being nourish and detoxed by natural juices, to clear your mind, purify your body and restore your energy.

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