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Rosemary Dream goes beyond our center in Brazil. Our aim is to inspire positive change in the world, through increasing awareness within ourselves and others.

Since the start of our project, we’ve witnessed real transformation in people and their impact in the world. As we want to grow this impact we’ve focused energy in the development of our courses.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without our team of action-takers driven by purpose which has been helping Rosemary from a place of love since the beginning of the project.

Today we want to bring this mission beyond our center in Brazil, we want to give back to the community which has been supporting us from day 1 and increase accessibility of our center to a wider range of people.

All of it is possible when we all get together to make it happen. When each one of us gets involved, we transform dreams into a reality.

We are always trying to grow, improve and develop our center and the opportunities available here.

It’s important to us to be able to make these kind of experiences accessible which is why we offer a cheaper price to Brazilian participants and are working towards being able to offer scholarship places to those who can’t afford our programs.

Any kind of financial support that you can offer will help us to develop and continue to provide life changing opportunities to those who need it.

Be a part of the Rosemary project,

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Social Projects

We currently have English classes for the local community of Barra da Lagoa, with an affordable pricing plan we aim to make language learning accessible to all, this is an area we would love to develop with the right funding. 

We run a monthly event called ‘Bazar de Trocas’ which is a clothing swap shop promoting conscious consumption, and inviting people into Rosemary for a free event to get to know our community. See when the next event is here. 





We essentially see Rosemary as a university of life, a place to explore, grow personally and professionally. We are in the process of developing our own educational project to combine online autonomous education with living the Rosemary Way of life. 

We also encourage digital nomads and remote workers to make the most of Rosemary as your playground, we provide the optimal environment for growth. Read here how 2 community members birthed their own business whilst living at Rosemary Dream.





Are you inspired by what you’ve seen? Do you have a dream or idea that you can see taking shape with us? 

We love to collaborate with local and international projects. So far we’ve hosted an all-girls surf retreat, a social enterprise travel trip with VivaLa, and various day events & workshops. We love to hear from collaborators who have an interest in permaculture, self-development, wellness and making things happen! 

No idea is too crazy for us here at Rosemary Dream, to talk about what we can do together, simply head to our contact page and get in touch.



Watch some stories of how people changed their lives after Rosemary