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Connecting with your inner Environmentalist

I spent two months travelling Brazil previously to my wild and crazy experience at Rosemary Dream. Along my travels I was blown away by all of the beautiful nature Brazil has to offer that is like nothing I had ever seen before. But I also saw a lot of destruction and disruption of that very nature. I saw plain fields for as far as the eye could see in the Amazon where there once was rainforest. I saw wild and rare animals captured and passed around like trophies for tourists to have their picture taken with. Dumping of tons of trash in landfills toxifying the land. Water pollution and blue lagoons turned into bays of floating trash, beer cans glimpsing from the bottom of the ocean.

To me, this was devastating to see and it triggered something in me. A desire to do my bit preventing the tendency of trashing the planet and the normalcy of polluted cities and waterways. To many other people, it seemed, the dirty water and the streets lined with waste were normal, almost as if they didn’t see it at all. I believe it is the continual practice of disrespecting our common home, the planet Earth, which is the biggest concern of the century. And it frustrates me that this is happening everyday, everywhere, and that so many people are oblivious about it, when the fact that something has to be done and some things have to change, is becoming more obviously clear each day.

A part of my experience at Rosemary Dream was learning to look inwards and to reflect on my thoughts and emotions. Why am I feeling so frustrated about this? When I feel so strongly, then why I am passive? What steps am I taking to improve myself? What should I do? The answers were to be found all around me by just observing my environment.

Spending time engulfed in the wild and beautiful nature at Rosemary Dream, I really rediscovered my connection to nature and the beauty of the world. Walking barefoot. Watching the sunsets and sunrises.

Hiking in the dark with the moonlight as my guide. Smelling the flowers and chasing butterflies, rediscovering my inner child uncorrupted by modern day worries. It is when I started falling deeper in love with the world and realizing how I could change my behaviour and habits so I wouldn´t contribute any further to damaging it.

I truly believe that a feeling of connection to nature and mother earth, loving and appreciating the planet, our common home, makes it difficult to engage in destroying it. Go outside into nature and breathe in the fresh air, watch the birds in the sky and the trees swaying in the wind. Feel how fortunate you are to live here right now.

In deciding I wanted to become more environmentally responsible I cut meat out of my diet, I stopped supporting companies I don’t believe have a sustainable production, I quit single-use plastic bottles and bags, I knitted organic cotton wash cloths to replace the normal ones that are filled with micro-plastic, because I like to knit and micro-plastic is bad. Knowing that there are still many things I can still improve on, it is so fulfilling to become aligned with my values and also make a positive impact.

So I want to challenge you for 2018 to take some time to consider what you can do in your life to have a lower environmental impact on the planet. What are some of your habits that you can change right now? Whether that´ll be recycling, eating less meat, riding your bike more, avoiding single-use plastic, buying local organic groceries, thrift shopping, supporting sustainable businesses, minding your consumption or composting your trash… because just doing something, is everything.

Written by Sophia Staarup, Denmark, Volunteer at Rosemary 2018

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