Today you can choose to

optimise your way of life.

Are you ready to take action?

A unique chance to be part of our community. You will have the optimal space to explore, learn and empower yourself. We strive towards personal growth, exploring beyond our comfort zones, living life to the full, all in an environment of non-judgement and acceptance.

Whilst being part of the community here you will experience the dynamic energy of positive, fun and ambitious people who want to push themselves and Rosemary to new heights.

We are constantly looking to improve and challenge ourselves in order to positively impact the world and make us happier and more productive people.

Today you can choose to optimise your way of life. Are you ready to take action?

What is included?

The atmosphere at Rosemary is special, not only due to the magic location but also because of the people. Everyone is part of this team because they have common values and strive to create a positive & inspiring living space. Bellow is what will be included in Rosemary’s community experience which, no matter your way of contribution, you will be part of.


You are welcome to camp on one of our Jungle Decks under a roof in our sub-tropical jungle. You also have the possibility to have a bed in one of our shared rooms if available.


Breakfast – Every day – All ingredients are at your disposal to cook.

Lunch – Mon-Friday, prepared by our kitchen team.

Family Dinner – Friday and Tuesday cooked by our beloved professional chefs, our family dinners are a precious moment to unite everyone.

Activities to grow together

On our activity board in the main area you will find the schedule of activities for the week. As a team we have the opportunity to share our passions with the community. This is also your stage to teach, share, and contribute to the passionate and inspiring vibe we are creating in the culture at Rosemary.


Rosemary Dream is located in beautiful Barra da Lagoa. The center is located 2 minutes walk from Barra beach and 4 minutes walk from Prainha beach. In our backyard we have over 3 different trails going up the mountain. 20 minutes drive away is a small town call Lagoa with trendy cafes, shops and a colorful artisanal culture. There is much more is to explore around Florianopolis island!

Community Living

Living in a community means working together towards building our optimal living environment.  Your participation may include co-creating a meal, laundry, land maintenance or supporting general clean-up.

A team to share with

Imagine living with a group of like minded people pushing each other to live at his/her highest standards. The more you participate in community living and open you are to experiencing new things, the more you will learn and grow.

Your contribution

You may contribute to Rosemary Community through 3 different ways: Dreamer, Builder or Maker


Available all year (prices vary seasonally)

USD850 / month
  • 5 nights minimum
  • Hours of work exchange: 0
  • High season price: US$850 / month Or US$30 / night (December - March)
  • Low season price: US$850 / month Or US$25 / night (April - November)


Available all year long.

USD650 / month
  • 1 month of participation minimum
  • Amount of work exchange: 15h/week
  • High season price: US$650 / month (December - March)
  • Low season price: US$400 / month (April - November)


Limited spots (we prioritise Dreamers & Builders)

USD350 / month
  • 3 months of participation minimum
  • Amount of work exchange: 30h/week
  • High season price: US$350 / month (December - March)
  • Low season price: US$120 / month (April - November)

Work Exchange

Contribution of time and energy will be achieved through a variety of tasks. Each exchanger will need to be flexible within the day to day work



Our Chef always needs extra hands to deliver high standard meals throughout our programs or simply for the family. It’s a great opportunity for you to develop cooking skills while discovering healthy recipes.


Land Maintenance

Rosemary is based in a huge piece of land that is in constant need of maintenance and love. You could be doing permaculture, gardening, construction, woodwork and much more. The work will vary and answer the needs of the land.


Other Tasks

The contribution exchange hours will fill the needs of Rosemary centre at each moment and allow you to discover different areas of the project. This may include: hospitality, marketing, photography and videography, etc.

Join Us!

We are constantly looking to improve and challenge ourselves in order to positively impact the world and make us happier and more productive people.

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