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Why Changing Your Life Won’t Make You Happy

Why Changing Your Life Won’t Make You Happy

Life can feel overwhelming sometimes. One day we wake up feeling bright, blissful, fulfilled, connected. The next day we wake up feeling confused, with low energy, insecure, sad…

If our boss praises us, we feel excited. If he complains about us, we feel down. If our crush invites us for a date, we feel like the world is suddenly shining. If she doesn’t answer to our text message for 4 days, the world turns grayish.

In the same day, we can feel enthusiastic, bitter, delighted, jealous…a rollercoaster of emotions. Our happiness and pleasantness varies according to what happens in the external world.

We become slaves of external situations.  

Everything in the universe is working perfectly, but a single thought in our minds can make the world look like a bad place.


What we seem to be missing is that we are creating the world as we see it. It is impossible to experience life if not from inside. For example: when we look at bird. Where do we see the bird? We see the bird inside ourselves!

Each person sees the bird in a different way, according to his or her perceptions. It means that 100% of what happens to us, happens inside us.

So our first job in this life would be to create a nice environment inside ourselves. It’s the only thing we can control. We can never control 100% of what is happening outside. If we can control 30% of it, that’s quite a lot. All the rest will happen the way it will happen.

How we feel about it will depend on our inner work. We change the inside world and the outside world automatically changes too. So why wouldn’t we focus our efforts on changing this inside world? Wouldn’t that make more sense?


This is good news because if we are not enjoying the movie, we can simply change it and create a new one.

We often find ourselves creating horror movies or dramas, and we are the only viewers of it! Nobody is watching it but us.

We always have the choice to create something that gives us a different feeling, perhaps a more positive one, like a comedy, a romance or an adventure. (We are not referring to people with mental disorders; if it is your case, you should see a doctor).


Thoughts become emotions, so what was first just a thought, will soon manifest into feeling. It’s not about stopping the mind, but instead, make it produce pleasantness instead of unpleasantness.

The first step would be understanding that we are not our minds. If we can witness what is happening in our minds, it means we are not the mind.

Practices such as meditation are super helpful when it comes to experiencing this difference. First we train how to “tame” our minds without interruption. Then we slowly start to bring this mindfulness to more challenging moments in everyday situations.

We can start with 5 minutes of practice a day. Soon we will see the difference.  When we enter this path of self discovery, we will not believe how much time we wasted.

Changing your life won’t make you happy.

Changing your mind-set will.



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