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Introducing Meditation: 6 Different Techniques

Introducing Meditation: 6 Different Techniques There are many different types of meditation rooted in various traditions such as Buddhism, Taoism and Tantra. Sometimes it can be hard knowing where to begin so yoga and meditation teacher, Jasmine, has written this introduction and outlined 6 different techniques that you can practice at home. Meditation Without Judgement Meditation is a practice to...

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When I was a little girl my Dad would whisper into my ear before putting me to sleep at night, "Just remember, you can do ANYTHING." I believed this for quite some time up until I was around 10 and came to find out Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy were really him the whole time... Talk about the ultimate devastation....

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The Rosemary Method

The Rosemary Method At Rosemary we show there is an alternative way to be, with like minded people who are connected by a common set of values and a shared mission to improve their own and others' lives. Using the three pillars of Monk, Monkey and Modern Human, we illustrate that achieving your optimal way of life is all about...

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Challenges Exist To Awaken Our Limitless Potential: My Wake-UP! Experience

Challenges Exist To Awaken Our Limitless Potential: My Wake-UP! Experience Every challenge can be one of learning if you let it be. This means having the courage to face your challenges directly, valuing them as opportunities for personal growth and development. Of course, challenges are not easy because of the pain that may be experienced. The pain we feel can...

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Redefining Self Discipline

Redefining Self Discipline We recently had a Rosie Talk (a bi-weekly discussion circle) that really changed the way I think of self-discipline. Paul, a lifestyle coach from Australia, decided on the subject and presented what it meant to him. He said he turns self-discipline into a game in order to take the stress off of failing. It was a nice...

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Rolf’s Wild Swim

Rolf's Wild Swim During the Heart Attack there are many situations that pushed us out of our comfort zone. One of my strongest lessons came when I was faced with a challenge from the ocean during the 5 days we spent in the wilderness. Standing on a rock looking at the waves my first impression of the situation was that...

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