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How Rosemary Helped Us to Grow Our Business!

How Rosemary Helped Us to Grow Our Business!

When Jasmine came to Rosemary Dream to join her long time friend, Olivia, neither of them could have known just how much their lives would be impacted forever by a place that provides the optimal conditions for growth, both personally and professionally. Read on to discover how this driven duo created and launched their own online business here!

mind body spirit retreat

Jumping into the unknown

I’m Jasmine and I came to Rosemary Dream to pursue personal and professional development by joining the community exchange program. My best friend from home, Olivia, who I’ve known for ten years brought me here from England. I got so many voice notes on whatsapp about the most incredible things that all sounded like an absolute dream so there was no way I could miss out on experiencing for myself everything Olivia recounted to me!

Olive told me about her breakfasts on top of a mountain overlooking the ocean, eye gazing in connection workshops, ecstatic dance, hikes across the cliff tops and more. So, I left behind all my home comforts and hopped on a plane with a one way ticket. I had no idea how challenging and incredible the experience would be and I certainly didn’t have a clue that we’d be launching our own business to go on to travel South America together!

The optimal conditions for growth

Rosemary dream ended up being a place that provides an optimal environment for growth. It not only gives a nurturing and supportive home base but it’s also a playground where you’re encouraged to try out all your ideas, no matter how wild they might be. Seriously, how often are you going to be in a beautiful place surrounded by nature with an entire community of sparkling people who are excited by life and are each fearlessly pursuing their own dreams?! Not only that, but it’s a community of people who aren’t afraid to dig deep and face up to their shadow sides meaning the light parts get to shine even brighter!

This is a place to connect and link up with others, as well as to get emotional and practical support from a network of inspiring people with a diverse range of skills. Rosemary is a place focused on empowerment, personal growth and finding creative ways to make an impact in the world.

Aligning our work with our purpose

This naturally fits perfectly with what drives Olivia and I in our own professions. Both of us are fuelled by the need to contribute positively to society and promote a culture of sustainability in everything we do. Olivia comes from a background in fashion design, marketing and visual design. Here at Rosemary she is the marketing manager and visual designer. She also organises beach cleans, clotheswap events to encourage reusing and recycling and art festivals to support local creatives.

I am a writer, yoga teacher and activist passionate about social impact, environmental impact and human rights advocacy. Previous written publications include a mix of creative writing and editorial work aligned with these values. I thrive off finding ways to clearly capture the essence of what needs to be said to affect change in the world through my written work. With my yoga teaching, I create and hold space for others to take important time out to themselves in order to take better care of each other and the world around us.

Through working together in the marketing team at Rosemary Dream, Olivia and I realised that our professional skills and personal dreams complimented each other perfectly. We had the spark of an idea to work together to support freelancers, small businesses & purpose driven individuals working for positive change in the world.

Launching our business

So, we decided to start our own business together, called Ardea. With Ardea, we help our clients to communicate their message and offerings to the world via visual branding, creative marketing and brand identity. We only came up with this idea a couple of months ago and have already worked with various different clients on things like social media management, logo design and blog writing.

Our idea with Ardea really is about collaborating with projects that inspire us, and creating an international network of entrepreneurs – with a strong focus on supporting business women – dedicated to creating meaningful projects and supporting each other. Our plan is to create a global community, to encourage collaboration over competition. Eventually we’d love to host global events and have an active thriving network across the world. Rosemary taught us to dream big and have no limits so watch this space!

Curious about where we’ll go next or interested in joining our community? Follow ardea_creative on instagram, head to our facebook page and visit our website to learn more.

To learn more about Rosemary’s community exchange program click here. We encourage remote workers to come and stay with us so check out the dreamer option on our community exchange page!

Written by Jasmine Sara

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