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Only when we are awake can we fully live our dreams



We wanted to explore what an optimal life looked like for all aspects of life; whether it was nutrition, exercise, socialising, anything!

It began as a fun game to see what made us feel alive, fulfilled and joyful. We would go to parties and dance all night long without drinking, we would wake up at dawn and practice capoeira, eat food to fuel our bodies and truly connect with people in the most strong and vulnerable way. What happened from there was unbelievable; we broke our limits and expressed ourselves more fully. Bursting with energy within a community of like-minded yet wildly diverse people, we soon realised that we were all seeking the same thing: to break free from any limitations.

We said to ourselves “We need to create a place where we can share this way of life with the world”. That’s how Rosemary started.


We believe it’s possible for everyone to live a life of sincerity, meaning, health, happiness, compassion, excitement and balance, so we made a place for people interested in making a change but who may not have found an alternative way to achieve this in their busy, modern lives. Rosemary is a place to help people stop for a moment and develop awareness of the way they’re choosing to live; then give them the ability and direction to create a happier and more productive life for themselves. We give people an experience to change their perceptions. We offer the tools needed to keep the ball rolling in the right direction back in “normal” life.

Our Values

Rosemary is a place to help people stop for a moment and develop awareness of the way they’re choosing to live; we live by our own values and provide a space for you discover your own.

Our Method

Our way of life is based on three main pillars. We believe that each one of them is a fundamental aspect in our well being and the balance between them is the key for living your optimal way of life.

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We provide this extraordinary experience in a variety of ways to suit where each person might be at in their journey. Some people get a taste of our way of life through staying as guests here at Rosemary. We also host regular family dinners, events and workshops linking up with the local community and international visitors.

Rosemary is renowned for our unique life changing retreats. We provide the optimal conditions for personal growth with these retreats and programs:

30 day Heart Attack program
7 day Stopping The World program
3 day Wake Up retreat

These programs will rock your world. It has been described as the most transformational experience of our participant’s lives!

We have our community exchange program where people can join our dream team and live here as part of the family, developing their own ideas and contributing to our culture of growth.

The Founders

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.” Pantanjali


Yaniv Charlap

“Will you dare to live your dreams?”

Yaniv, a visionary and hard working international entrepreneur, founded his first company in 2010. With tenacity and audacity he became a recognized businessman. He is a person who dreams up big projects and turns them into reality. After the success of his first business and its international growth he took a leap into the world to travel. From a young age he has always aimed high, believing anything is possible.

He spontaneously booked a round the world trip of 17 flights, first stop Brazil and this is where it all began. Yaniv had a dream to live in a world aligned with his values, to provide a space where people can come together to connect, dream and take action. It is through these values that Yaniv and the community here create positive change in the world and have a lasting impact on the lives of all who come to Rosemary.

As well as managing Rosemary, Yaniv facilitates on the Heart Attack Program, helping participants to move beyond limiting beliefs, learn transformational practices from around the world and live their dreams.


Cormoran Lee

“It IS possible to live a stimulating willful life, but there are no shortcuts. Are you having a breakdown or a breakthrough? You decide.”

From a troublemaking youngster to an elite soldier to an international outlier, Cormoran’s ride was not planned. Instead it was bursting with enthusiasm to challenge who he was and oppose society’s expectations. Everyday.

There were curves along the way where he had to make some life changing decisions replacing old habits with new, like switching violence for socialising at 13 and smoking for swimming aged 17. At 25 he changed his name, joined couchsurfing and started travelling.

Cormoran committed to a lifetime of learning and now at 31, after 2 years working with Rosemary on the Heart Attack programme, he lives in Africa. He organises Rosemary Rockets, which is our international community of those who have passed through here and continue to work for positive change around the world.



Yotam Elmakias

“What is your position in the circle of nature and what do you give and get in this circle? You cannot just consume, it’s all about balance.”

Yotam’s philosophy on life is all about simplicity, connection to nature and living with authenticity. Growing up he spent a lot of time in nature. He loves surfing and has even hand crafted his own surfboard!

As a child he was neighbours with Cormoran. After his army service, Yotam worked in West Africa managing up to 2000 people for three years. He went on to travel South America and also has experience helping teenagers in Israel learn life skills, as well as helping people with disabilities.

At Rosemary, Yotam is known for getting things done in a calm and effective way. He is proactive and has many practical skills which he shares with the team here, managing the construction and land. He also facilitates the Heart Attack participants to connect to nature which is an essential part of the Rosemary way of life.


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