Gardening Assistant


As Gardening Assistant your main function will be to look after the landscape in and around Rosemary, planting, watering, pruning, and adjusting our plants, trees, grass and everything related to nature, following the directions of the Gardener.


  • Support the Green team
  • Keep track of the tools and machines
  • Ensure the safety others when using the tools/machines
  • Keep the space organized and clean
  • Take a walk around Rosemary and look for critical situations; try to stop things from being done before they happen


  • Cut all grass in and around Rosemary, according to good manners of cultivation
  • Water, plant and cultivate the trees, plants and flowers, and respect the natural cycle of each, and maintain a correct natural balance of nature
  • Report any situation of risk, and actions that must be taken, so that nature does not conflict with our space
  • Properly use garden equipment and ensure its integrity, and whenever necessary to maintain the equipment correctly, to optimize its life
  • All work should take into account the visual aspect pattern of Rosemary Dream
  • Work safely and avoid any risky situation
  • The activities should take into account climatic and environmental variations, thinking of prolonging the duration of their life
  • Take Rosemary activities and events into account during the high and low season
  • Support GT Manager when they are not present
  • Keep the GT Manager up to date about the activities you are doing
  • Be able to work in emergency situations
  • Work with good communication and alignment between the other areas

Personal characteristics

  • Creative, collaborative and self-taught person
  • Easy to accept feedback
  • Good social skills
  • Open mind
  • Responsible
  • Connection to nature


  • Previous experience in the garden (at least 1 year)
  • Garden of course, or relative
  • Prior assistant experience (or similar)
  • Basic knowledge in English (not critical)
  • Live near Rosemary

Work conditions

  • 30 hours of work per week
  • Be able to do overtime when needed
  • Long-term commitment for 3-month min, with 1-month trial period
  • Visa requirement for foreigners for a period of time longer than 6 months: Rosemary will assist in visa processing
  • Salary according to Brazilian standards


To apply for this position, please email a cover letter and CV to with the subject “Maintenance Assistant”